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Tuck everlasting

No description

Camille Eggen

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Tuck everlasting

The water from the pond was everlasting life.
If you could drink a potion, and it would magically make you live forever, would you take it? (Yes or No) I would not drink the potion because I wouldn’t want to stay here on Earth forever and ever.

What would be the positive effects of drinking the potion? I will be able to do anything we want and have freedom.

What would be the negative effects of drinking the potion? I wouldn’t have all my friends and I can’t experience what other people do when you are older because you same the same age.

Tuck Family-
Mae Tuck
Miles Tuck
Tuck Tuck (aka Angus)
Jesse Tuck

Foster Family-
Winnie Foster

Other Characters-
The stranger man in yellow clothes

Chapter 1
What was strange about the wood? What effect did it have on the cows?
The road that lead to Treegap had been trod out long before by a herd of cows who were, not relaxed.

According to the narrator, why wasn’t Winnie curious about the wood? Do you agree with the narrator’s generalization?
Winnie was useless because she always hated herself because of her name. Yes, I agree with the narrator's generalization.

Personification means to give human characteristics to inanimate objects. Give examples from the chapter of how the road, the grass, and/or the wood are personified.
It wandered along in curves and easy angels, swayed off and up in a pleasant tangent to the top of a small hill, ambled down again between fringes of bee-hung clover, and then cut sidewise across a meadow.
What three events took place as the story began? What connected these events?
At dawn, Mae Tuck she set out on her horse for the wood at the edge of the village of Treegap. She was going to see her two sons like she did every ten years. At sunset, a stranger appeared at the Foster’s gate. There is no connection.

What is at the center, or hub, of the narrator’s wheel? What do you think the wheel itself represents?
The Ferris wheel has one, as the sun is the hub of the wheeling calendar. It represents the wheeling calendar.

By- Camille #8
Tuck everlasting
Chapter 2
Why had Tuck been smiling?
Tuck was smiling because he has the good dream about the Tuck’s in heaven and they have never heard about Treegap.

What did Mae take with her way to visit her sons? Why?
She took a music box painted with with roses and lilies because it was the one pretty thing she owned and she never went anywhere without it.

What surprise did we learn at the end of this chapter?
Mae Tuck never ages and the rest of the Tuck family didn’t age either.

Mae Tuck was described in great detail in chapter two. Draw a picture of Mae using the information provided in the chapter.
She was wearing three petticoats, a rusty brown skirt with one enormous pocket, an old cotton jacket, and a knitted shawl.

Chapter 3
To whom did Winnie voice her frustrations? Evaluate her choice.
She voiced her frustrations to toad. It was a good choice to tell the toad because the toad can’t tell anyone.

Why did Winnie wish she had a brother or a sister?
She didn’t want to be called all the time.

Predict whether or not Winnie will really run away. Explain your opinion.
I think she really will run away because she doesn’t want to do new things and have to do everything.

Have you ever wanted to run away? Write a few sentences about a real or imaginary time when you ran away or thought about running away.
I have never wanted to run away. Running away is dangerous because I am not everlasting on earth, but I am everlasting in my soul. It might be scary to run away.

Chapter 4
Explain why the reader is a little uneasy about the stranger?
The reader is a little uneasy because it is weird to have a random stranger just come to the gate/house and just begins to talk to me.

Winnie’s grandmother believed that the music they heard was elf music. What was it really? When had her grandmother heard it before?
The music sounded like happy music. The sound they heard was the man whistling and it is the same music as the sound in Mae Tuck’s music box. Her grandmother heard the music at the bakery when Mae Tuck went to see her sons, she played the sound from her music box.

Guess why the stranger had an expression of intense satisfaction.
The stranger had an expression of intense satisfaction because I think he wanted to find out more about the everlasting water.

Chapter 5
What prompted Winnie to venture into the wood for the first time?
In Winnie’s head her fear was to go away alone.

Why were the pebbles piled upon the spurt of water?
The pebbles were piled upon the spurt of water because that water was the water of everlasting life, so nobody would drink from it and turn everlasting.

Guess why Jesse wouldn’t let Winnie have any of the water. What do you think he meant when he said “I knew this would happen sooner or later”?
Jesse wouldn’t let Winnie drink from the spout of water because it was the water of everlasting life. He said that because he knew she would ask about the water and want to drink some. Also because they didn’t want her to find out about the secret.

Draw a picture of Jesse using the description from the middle of chapter five.
He was thin and sunburned, with a thick mop of curly hair, and he wore his battered trousers and loose, grubby shirt with as much self-assurance as if they were silk and satin. A pair of green suspenders, more decorative than useful, gave the finishing touch, for he was shoeless and there was a twig tucked between the toes of one foot.

Chapter 6
Contrast Winnie’s kidnapping with the way Winnie had envisioned a kidnapping.
Winnie had often been haunted by visions of what it would be liked to be kidnapped. With her kidnappers just as alarmed as she was herself. She found herself straddling the bouncing back of the fat old horse, with Miles and Jesse trotting along on either side, while Mae ran puffing ahead, dragging on the bridle. The kidnapping was scarier than the one in her dreams/visions.

Why did Winnie begin to cry? How did Mae console her?
She cried because she wanted to go home. Mae consoled Winnie by making her feel welcomed.

Why do you think the Tucks avoid having a plan of action in case they were ever discovered?
They had a plan because they didn’t want anyone to turn everlasting by drinking the water.
Chapter 7
Why did Miles’s wife take the children and leave him?
Miles’ wife took the children because Miles told them that he was everlasting and he would never die, but they would die.

What led the Tucks to conclude that the spring water was the source of their immortality?
They said that it was the water from the spring because they all have drank it, and even the horse, and their cat died.

How did Tuck prove doubt about this immortality?
Judge his actions. He got shot by a hunter that thought he was a deer. He got right back up and he was surprised.

Chapter 8
Mae said to Winnie, “We’ll bring you back tomorrow . All right?” Winnie answered, “All right.” In your opinion, what would have happened if Winnie had answered, “No”?
They would have tried to kill Winnie.

Describe the way the Tucks made Winnie feel.
They made her feel suspicious and scared.

In addition to Winnie, who heard the whole story about the spring? Predict what he will do.
The stranger heard the whole story while he was spying on them and he will try to kill the Tucks and Winnie.

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