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Red Ribbon Week

2012 Jr. High Presentation

Samantha Mayhew

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Red Ribbon Week

Drugs and Strangers A Danger to You Enrique (Kiki) S. Camarena RRW History 11 year DEA veteran assigned to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he trailed Mexico's largest marijuana and cocaine trafficker. Enrique (Kiki) S Camarena was kidnapped on February 7, 1985 before he was able to expose the multi-billion dollar drug pipeline.
His family, friends, and neighbors vowed to wear red satin buttons until his safe return.
One month later, his body was found in a shallow grave. From that day forward, red ribbons are worn to symbolize the very cause for which he laid his life on the line....

A drug free United States In the world of drugs What's New? Bath Salt K2 FYI:
Not traditional bath salt used for aromatherapy purposes
popular among teens and young adults but is ILLEGAL
Cited as "immediate threat to public safety" by DEA Bath Salts Effects
Extreme paranoia
Psychotic features (Seeing monsters, aliens, etc)
Violent behavior
Rapid heartbeat
List goes on and on FYI:
synthetic marijuana
4 to 100 times more potent!
Long lasting effects
incense are sprayed with various chemical substances, some of which are known to have adverse health effects K2, Spice, Sonic Effects:
Severe agitation
Elevated heart and blood pressure
Panic Attacks
Vomiting In 2011 32,268 people were arrested on drug charges in the United States Statistics Roughly equivalent to population of CSU campus 2011 Drug Seizures:
33,271 kg cocaine
1,067 kg heroin
573,189 kg marijuana
2,467 kg methamphetamine FYI:
Most commonly abused drug in US
Active ingredient is THC Marijuana Effects:
Impaired coordination
Distorted perception (paranoia) FYI:
Highly addictive synthetic stimulant
Affects pleasure centers in brain, causing a crash which adds to the addictiveness Methamphetamine Effects:
Memory loss
Psychotic breaks
Heart damage
Severe dental issues Uncomfortable Encounters It is important to be respectful to adults, but equally important to recognize that if you are ever made uncomfortable by an adult, stranger or not, it IS acceptable to say no and walk away. 82% of abductors are family or close friends
18% of abductors are strangers National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Analysis of 7,000 cases Statistics Abductions are most likely to occur when a child is going to or from school or school-related activities
Between 2:00-7:00PM when children are most likely to be unsupervised.
More often involves ages 10-14 (41%)
Happens to more females than males (69%)
Involves a suspect using a vehicle (72%) Attempted Abductions How Children Escaped 53% of children walked or ran away from suspect (no physical contact)
28% reported a reaction
yelling, kicking, pulling away, attracting attention
19% involved a Good Samaritan or parent becoming involved or rescuing the child Offering a ride (32%)
Offering sweets (12%)
Asking questions such as for directions (8%)
Offering money (8%)
Using an animal (8%) Lures Used by Predators Trained Vs. Untrained Facing Unexpected Danger Untrained/Unprepared Trained/Prepared People react with an "Incredulity Response"
Feel Panic
Fall into disbelief
Get lost in denial
Descend to helplessness People react with an "Adaptability Response"
Startled and Fearful
Become Anxious
Recall Learning
Prepare to Act as Rehearsed
Commit to Action Walk in groups
Be observant of your surroundings
Stay in well-lit areas
Say "No, thank you" to offers of candy, rides, help, money, even medicine
Never get too close to a stranger's car
Walk away when approached by a stranger in a public place
As a family, come up with a safe-word
Talk about safety and practice often
makes lots of noise, run scream, kick if grabbed
Seek help, IMMEDIATELY Safety Tips Stalk a victim
Avoid detection
Approach victim & start conversation
Threaten victim
Walk 20 yards from approach site
Maintain control of victim
Avoid detection
Take victim from scene How Long Does it Take to: 10 seconds Stranger Danger and Uncomfortable Situations It is important to report any suspicious person or situation to Law Enforcement IMMEDIATELY!
False Reporting, however, is a crime.
It can cause unnecessary stress and panic throughout the community. False reporting is a waste of community and Law Enforcement resources. False Reporting Medications
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