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"Jemina, The Mountain Girl" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

No description

Rachael E.

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of "Jemina, The Mountain Girl" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome Everyone! I read "Jemina, The
Mountain Girl" for this project. I chose the mountain theme because it seemed pretty fitting;) And I just like mountains
You Made It!
You made it! You've reached the top! You probably already figured that out from the title though. Thank you for joining me on this journey to the top of the mountain. What a pun...Remember, don't fall off the edges...
I was very surprised by this story! I don't know what I was expecting, but what happened in this story definitely wasn't it! In the story of "Jemina, The Mountain Girl", Jemina Tantrum is a teenage girl who lives on a mountain. She takes care of her 'pappy' and 'mappy' and basically runs the family business. Thing is, there's a feud between her family and the family who lives across the stream. A long time ago, one of Jemina's ancestors and one of the Doldrum's (the family across the stream) ancestors fought over a card game. Their families have hated each other ever since. Anyways, one day a stranger came to the Tantrum's house to attempt to buy it. Gold was found on their property and the stranger wanted to buy it. Things happened and all the Tantrums and the stranger were in the Tantrum's house. The Doldrum's saw their opportunity and barred them in. They set fire to the house. And get ready for one of the cheesiest endings to a story I have ever seen. As the house was on fire and the stranger and Jemina were burning, they professed their love for each other. Mind you, they had just met about 3 pages ago and only talked to each other once. A burning wall fell on them as they kissed. I'd say that happened rather quickly, wouldn't you? Anyways, did they make it out of the house? You'll have to read it to find out! Seriously, read this story though. It's quite short, maybe 4 pages when printed out and I got a good chuckle out of it. But if you must know the conclusion, I shall tell you at some point in this prezi, so keep an eye out for it.
Themes are always an interesting aspect of a story. The main themes I noticed throughout this story were ruggedness, strife, and the fact that love prevails. Ruggedness was a very strong theme. I think the author wanted to make sure you remembered that they lived in the wilderness on a mountain and had extremely little contact with civilization. They were very self-sufficient people. Strife was seen between the Tantrum's and Doldrum's. Finally, love prevails. Even in the midst of a burning building, Jemina and the stranger still professed their love.
This is the end....*tear*

Well dear classmates, I hope you enjoyed
my project on Jemina. We laughed, shed
some tears, had a smidge of fun, and came
out changed people...that last one might be
a long shot but I'm going to go with it.
My Thoughts?
How would I characterize F. Scott Fitzgerald's style?
Woahhh look at that cool rock right at the edge!
Noo! Don't go pick it up!
You're gonna fall!
*SPLAT* Well.....you made it to a plateau.....
Luckily, we provide a helicopter service to
take you back to the actual project.
Wow, okay I really
shouldn't be doing these
late at night...
Anyways! On the bright
side, you can now cross
'mountain climbing'.....and 'falling off of a mountain' off
your bucket list. Goodness
this is so cheesy. Seriously, remind me to not make these things late at night.....
Here's that little conclusion
explanation I was talking about! So basically what happens at the end is they die after the wall fell on them. Then they were found in each other's arms by the Doldrum's (yes, their enemy) who felt they couldn't be parted....so they threw them into a stream together. Yup, rather a cheesy ending if you ask me, but sweet nonetheless

I quite enjoyed this short story. I laughed and had a good time reading it. It did move extremely quickly though. One second Jemina and the stranger just met, and the next second they were kissing inside a burning building. This all happened in less than 5 pages mind you! I would definitely recommend this story though, and I think that almost anyone would enjoy it. If I had to put an age limit on it, I'd probably say 11 and up...Okay you've read my thoughts, now go read the story!!
Based on reading "Jemina", I would currently
characterize Fitzgerald's style as modern and quirky. I
felt like this story could've happened today. I don't think
it will...but it could. And by quirky I mean that if I was
writing this story, it would be one that I would've
created at 3am after being up over 20 hours having had
much coffee. This story made me feel like Fitzgerald is
extremely creative and not afraid to hop out of the box
for a little while.
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