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No description

larry lyons

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Vitiligo

-Is when the immune system is over active causing, the skin pigment to be lost in areas of the skin
Light Treatment- Uses light to pigment skin, results 70%
Puva light therapy- Uses uva light and psoralen,results 50-70%
Surgery- Replaces skin with correctly pigmented skin, results 90-95%
DePigmentation- Removes all the skin pigment, and leaves the patient with white skin,results
Family History
Sun burn,stress,or exposure to industrial chemicals
Skin discoloration
Premature whitening or graying of hair
Loss of color in the tissue lining the mouth or nose
Loss or change in color in retina
Work Cited
-Causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause
Types of vitiligo
increased risk of social or psychological distress
Sunburn and Skin cancer
Inflammation of iris
The skin and hair are affected by this.
Dermatology, A.A. of (2016) American academy of Dermatology. Available at: https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/color-problems/vitiligo#treatment (Accessed: 11 December 2016).In-text citations: (Dermatology, 2016)
Foundation, M., Education, M. and Research (1998) ‘Appointments at Mayo clinic’, Mayoclinic, .In-text citations: (Foundation, Education, and Research, 1998
Spreekuurthuis vitiligo (no date) Available at: http://www.spreekuurthuis.nl/themas/vitiligo/informatie/verschillende_vormen_van_vitiligo/segmentale_vitiligo (Accessed: 11 December 2016).
In-text citations: (Spreekuurthuis vitiligo, no date)
One or, few areas
Loss on one side of the body
Spread to face, hands, and lower legs
Scatted pattern
Widely spread
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