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How to make a circle skirt

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Akbobek Abilkhaiyrkyzy

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of How to make a circle skirt

How to make a circle skirt
Step 1
Pick out your materials.
Circle skirts are known for their flowy appearance, so it is best to choose a material that isn’t too heavy or stiff. The waistband is made from exposed elastic, so choose an elastic in a width and color that you like. A wide waistband measuring 3 inches (7.6 cm) or more is a fun way to top off your skirt.
Step 2
Take your measurements.
Step 3
Make your paper pattern for the hip radius.
You will only need to create a paper cut for ¼ of the skirt, so choose a piece of paper large enough to occupy a sketch of that size. Find the measurement for your radius (or as close as you can) and hold this spot on the measuring tape to the bottom left corner piece of your paper.
Step 4
Add your length radius to the pattern.
Step 5
Cut your pattern and fabric
Iron down the waist.
Step 6
step 7
Sew the elastic.
Step 8
Pin the elastic to the fabric waistband.
Sew the waistband.
Step 9
Hem the skirt
Divide the measurements for your waist by 6.28 or 2 to get the radius number for your waist. Now measure this number from where you got the chunky fabric on the corner. This will be your waist.
THANK you for you attention!!!
Abilkhaiyrkyzy Akbobek
made by:
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