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No description

Christopher Walsh

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Wyngspan

What's the Problem?
Life happens
Stars and grading systems
Untrustworthy and essentially anonymous reviews
The Solution
It's all about trust!
A Look into Wyngspan...
Timing is Everything!

Soft launch - January 2014
User base building and site feedback
Site improvement - February-June 2014
Usability improvements
Revenue/Partnerships - June 2014 - present
Partnerships formed with large state and national associations


Virtuous Cycle
Inherent consumer motivators
Inherent business motivators
Virtuous cycle for growth
Christopher Walsh, CEO / Founder
(617) 678-2083

Andrew Markey, Co-Founder / Director of Marketing and Business Development
(857) 389-3448
Road Map
Recurring annual revenue
Premium service
API Integration
Platform for commerce
Trust is the new currency
"What's the Trust Factor"?
Future of the Trust Factor
Trust Factor-The way of the future
Site launched and fully-functional
Strong Executive Team
Seeking new partner-YOU!
Thank You!
Short Term:
Strong monetization plan
Premium services - $79/year
Via Partnerships - $55/year
API Integration
Closed partnerships
> $250,000 in revenue potential

Long Term:
20+ potential revenue opportunities
Short & Long Term Revenue
The Opportunity
$250,000 investment

Use of funds
Sustain current team/add support
Software project completion
Partnership costs
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