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No description

Qing Liu

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of VOIP

Thank You ! VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) VoIP Background VoIP Connection ATA: analog telephone adapter IP phone Computer to computer VoIP and Society VoIP Changing the
work place Bring the world
close together Real time
communication and integration with business Affect on various
industries Education Aditya Ahuja - 3264683
Dhuha Almahadi - 3414177
Hand Al Ali - 3431815
Qing Liu - 3429318
Roa Khumayyis - 3421099
Shusen Xu - 3459797
Xiao Han – 3447462
Waleed Alghassab- 3333017 Traditional phone calls "Internet protocol" Cisco
Not user-friendly Avaya
Easy to handle
Build on existing

Hybrid system
Less abundant
Lack simplicity Major Players in Business VoIP Fees involved in using different VOIP services Major Players in Residential VoIP VoIP is dominant.
New security features.
The future will rely on Voice.
Future Platforms
Technological Convergence Future Trends Convergence VoIP

Competition of providers

Addressing the threats to VoIP services

VoIP demand & Providers reaction Recommendation

1. Both customers and competition have become global.

2. Communication networks is widely available at many parts of the world.

3. More firms than ever are using technology for a variety of tasks and several options

4. Customers have access to a wealth of information about products, markets, and a firm’s competition
Why we use VOIP in Business?
Helps meet business goals such as:

• Reduce a lot of the operation costs (telecommunications, employee salary)

•Efficient and effective collaboration (customers, suppliers more accessible)

•Improve CRM activities.

•Flexible network communication to organization.

•Free business from having to be tethered
to a physical location. Benefits Challenges
Do not work during power outages.

VOIP is susceptible to worm, viruses and hacking.

It is susceptible to all the hiccups normally associated with home broadband services.

Phone conversations can become distorted, garbled or lost because of transmission errors.

Voice Quality is not always good.
1. What is VOIP?

2. Write down two benefits of using VOIP in business?

3. Give me two challenges of using VOIP in business?

4. Name three leading companies in VOIP business.

5. VoIP affect our social life in which
five aspects?
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