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Web Demo Presentation by Edlio

No description

Rene Slataper

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Web Demo Presentation by Edlio

Not all sites are created equally...
Edlio creates custom home pages that easy to navigate. Other sites require you to pick from templates, while Edlio builds their sites from scratch.

Pretty and Functional
Not only are Edlio sites exactly how you want your site to look, but they will also be easy to update.

Our intuitive and proprietary Content Management System (CMS) helps bridge the gap between the tech-savvy and the everyday e-mail user.

By creating a back-end that's simple to use, sites are updated more often and are key communication tools.
Increasing Communication
Edlio has the functionality to help you improve communication with rich features like:

-Teacher Pages
-Common Core Standards for transparency
-Google Integration
-Social Media Integration
-Mobile ready and responsive designs
Structure of the demo...
1. Brief into about Edlio as a company

2. I want to show you current solutions and innovative approaches to design and show you how easy Edlio websites are to update.

3. Answer questions you might have.
A Little About Edlio...

*Edlio has been around for 14 years and we work with nearly 2,500 schools and districts across the country.

*Edlio only works in K12 so we know what educators and parents are looking for when it comes to communication.

*From Hawaii to Puerto Rico, we're giving our schools/districts a solution that fits their communication needs.

What differentiates us from them...
There are quite a few differentiators that set Edlio apart from other companies...

We'll just name a few in this demo so you get a feel for what we are about.
-- Space

-- Users

-- Technical Support by name.

-- Inside Pages
Demo Presentation by Edlio
Unlimited Everything

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