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Cells and Their Functions

No description

Anthony Barragan

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Cells and Their Functions

Materials Move into and out of Cells
Tissues, Organs, and Systems
- similar cells that work together to perform a particular function
Kinds of Cells
Cells and Their Functions
- the process where particles move from an area where there are a lots of particles to an area where there are fewer particles.
Without magnification, you cannot see most cells!
were not invented until the the early 1600's
Robert Hooke
was the fist scientist to observe cells in a microscope.
He put a piece of cork (tree bark) under his microscope.
The tiny walled spaces he saw reminded him of rooms and called them

- the basic unit of structure and function of all living things
- any living thing
The simplest organisms, such as bacteria, are each a single cell.
Most plants and animals are made up of many different kinds of cells
The different kinds of cells work together to perform basic life processes that keep an organism alive.
Plant and Animal Cells
Mitochondria uses food, oxygen, and sugar to make energy for the cell.
This process produces carbon dioxide
How do cells get food, oxygen, and water in? and CO2 out?
If red blood cells have a lot of oxygen, then oxygen moves to the rest of the body cells.
If there is a lot of CO2 in body cells, it diffuses into blood cells
Examples of Diffusion
- the movement of water and dissolved materials through cell membranes.
The cell membrane lets some things in, (like water and things dissolved in water) and blocks other things out.
Different tissues work together to create an
Different organs work together to make a
specialized cells
Exit Ticket
1. Why weren't cells discovered until the 1600's?
2. What are 3 different types of specialized cells?
3. What is diffusion?
4. What is osmosis
5. Write these in order from smallest to biggest: tissues, specialized cells, systems, organs
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