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Narayan. A Horse And 2 Goats

analysis on the stated short story

Munir Abdikadir

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Narayan. A Horse And 2 Goats

by R.K.Narayan A Horse and 2 Goats by
Munir.Abdikadir Analysis on short story Plot a poor man named Muni,lives in poor conditions with his family in Kritam. His cattle and sheep decreased in numbers until he only had two goats.He passes a clay statue on his way to graze his goats every Morning. one day he was grazing his goats when a car ran out of fuel infont of him. It´s an American on holidays in India. When he sees the statue he tryes to buy it because he thinks that Muni is trying to sell it. The American only speaks English and Muni speaks in his language Tamil. They are trying to communicate but but don´t understand a word of what the other is trying to say. When the American starts showing his money while petting the goats Muni thinks the man wants to buy his goats, takes 100 rupees and leaves. Summary Style: the story was written in a third person view by the narrator. Another thing is that in the text, the reader is told of the characters thoughts so it is by an omniscient narrator

Style video The village of kirtam is a small remote village in india, it is a few miles from the main road down a road. The village only consists of only 30 or so houses and only 1 is made of cement and brick Location characters The American: a red-faced man who comes into muni’s life riding a yellow wagon. He is a businessman working in India. He wears khaki clothing. Only speaks English.
A very optimistic man and he also seems o believe that he can fin a gas station in one of the tiniest villages in India.

Muni: an old man who lives and was probably born in kirtam (the remote village in which the story takes place). He is poorly educated. His native language is only means of communication. Apart from the 2 English words he knows; yes, no (p.g 242, second paragraph from the bottom) Theme: the main and most visible theme in this story is the clash of cultures (Indian and western cultures). This creates a comical effect because these two people who have nothing in common, come from different backgrounds, are from different classes and don’t speak the same language are conversing as if they knew what the other was saying. The American is: rich, educated and he comes from a high class. Muni: poor, uneducated, and comes from a poor society. Theme
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