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British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas

No description

David Sopinka

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas

British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas legend rugby player came out saying he was gay, Courage/Fear.
His Story
Gareth Thomas captained Wales in 2005 to their first grand slam victory since 1978 he was captained that year. He would get along with his team mates, in pubs flirting with the pretty girls eager to prove his masculinity trying to hide the real secret that he is gay.

Revealing His True Self
On November 4, 2006 Breaking down in tears in the changing rooms of the Millennium Stadium Gareth finally realized he could not go on living a lie. Keeping his true sexuality a secret was destroying him. 'You wake up one morning thinking: "I can handle it. Everything is fine," and the next morning you don't want anyone to see your face, because you think that if people look at you, they will know.' (Thomas)

Ending His Marriage
'One night, on impulse, I just said: "I can't lie to you any more, and I've got to tell you that I'm gay." Gareth said to his wife. The marriage between Gareth and Jemma ended on in 2006. They both were heart broken and almost led to Gareth Thomas killing himself because he couldnt bare to see Jemma hurt.

How Does This Relate To "To Kill a Mocking Bird" And Our society?
In the novel "To Kill A Mocking Bird" Atticus Finch defended Tom Robinson (an African American Man ) when no other lawyer would. Atticus defending Tom in court demonstrates courage because Atticus did not care about color he knew that we are the same on the inside. It is just like Gareth Thomas demonstrating courage for announcing that he was gay. In our society people coming out is good in some peoples eyes and bad in other peoples eyes. It is a huge deal for a big rugby legend to come out in our society because not all people or sporting fans approve of gay people. In Russia they torturer gay people then burn them. Coming out saying you are gay is a huge deal.
Getting Support From Team Mates
Gareth's coach somehow guessed that he was living a lie that he was secretly gay, the coach took Gareth into the medical room and made Gareth tell him everything, the coach said: "Right, I've got to speak now to three or four players in the Welsh team because you need the boys to surround you and support you. You can't cope with this on your own,". The coach was right he could not handle it on his own but he did not handle it on his own his whole did gave him a pat on the back and said they dont care that he is gay.
Gareth Thomas
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