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School Cell Analogy

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Nicholas Kletzli

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of School Cell Analogy

School Cell Analogy
The Gate and Fences
The gate and fences surrounding the school grounds are like the cell wall because it gives the school extra protection around it.
Cell Wall
Plasma Membrane
The School Doors
The school's doors are like the plasma membrane because it only allows certain things to enter or exit.
The Office
The office is like the nucleus because it controls all of the activities going on inside of the school.
The Principal's Office
The nucleolus of a cell is compared to a principal because he assembles workers like the nucleolus assembles ribosomes.
Workers and teachers are like ribosomes because they are assembled by the principal and they produce knowledge for students to learn; like proteins.
Vending Machine
The vending machines are like mitochondria because it is a source of energy. Exchanges sources of energy for money.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Teacher's Lounge
The teacher's lounge is like the rough endoplasmic reticulum because it contains teachers like the the RER contains ribosomes and teachers can modify the lessons they are teaching in there.
Food Vacuole
The cafeteria is like the smooth endoplasmic reticulum because it makes foods which are similar to the SER making lipids.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Kitchen
In the kitchen they make the food which is similar to how the SER makes lipids.
The Cafeteria
The cafeteria is like the food vacuole because food is ingested inside of both of them.
The Kitchen
Golgi Apparatus
Parking Lot
Where the teachers and students can go to different places. This is compared to how the Golgi apparatus packages and ships molecules to different places.
Custodians are compared to the lysosomes because they can clean things from the school just like the lysosomes can clean materials from a cell.
Ramp way
The centrioles of the cell are compared to the ramp way in a school because it separates the whole building into the MS and HS
Central Vacuole
Boiler Room
The boiler room is like the central vacuole because it stores all of the water in the school like how the central vacuole holds all the fluids.
Contractile Vacuole
Plumbing System
The contractile vacuole is being compared to the plumbing system because it pumps fluid from the inside to the outside of the school.
Solar Panels
Chloroplasts are being compared to solar panels for a school because they both can use energy that comes from the sun.
Art Class
Art class is like the chromoplasts because it is colorful and chromoplasts give parts their color in the cell.
The hallway of the school is like the microtubules of a cell because they offer a path to transport things through the school and are a important role in the structure of the school.
The Beams
The beams of the whole school are like the microfilaments of the cell because they keep the school from caving in.
The Walls
The walls of the school are compared to the Intermediate-filaments because they support the whole structure of the school.
Other Vacuole
Storage Closets
The storage closets are the other vacuoles of the school because they store other different things.(Other than fluids or food)
The amyloplasts of the cell are like any bread that the school serves because there is starch in bread and amyloplasts are responsible for storage of the starch granules.
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