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Social Injustice Webquest

Use this webquest to practice research and communication skills while preparing student to be model citizens.

Elizabeth Remmel

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Injustice Webquest

Bored with the same humdrum assignments in your English class?
Use this Social Injustice WebQuest! Interested? Here is the url:
http://fg.ed.pacificu.edu/sweb/tengs/Webquest.html Curriculum packed?
In only four periods your students will
practice research skills by investigating and reporting about an important figure who stood against social injustice.
Condense information into 15 key adjectives, sentences, and nouns to create a wordle for that figure.
Write a personal letter to the figure explaining how they could support the leader's cause.
Present wordles and letters to the class. Consider this: Students aren't just finding information. They are evaluating sources and what qualaties they admire in people who stand against injustice. Additionally, they need to construct a plan for how they could help their researched leader. That is some serious thinking! Everyone is different. Give your students a chance to grow and explore.
Students can pick a figure who supports a cause that resonates with them.
Wordle can be complex (sentences and quotes) or simple (adjectives and nouns).
The letters can vary in complexity. Student can submit a full propsal or provide allocates. Share. This WebQuest allows students to share with classmates and creates an authentic experience when students mail their letters. One of the best aspects of this webquest is that there is a clear rubric included on the quest page. Both the students and the teacher know exactly what is expected to demonstrate the objectives have been met. Because you are such an amazing, with-it, dedicated, passinate, and educated teacher you know that classroom practices need to be researched based. WebQuests are perfect because they find a way to combine best practices like:
Motivation Theory
Questioning - Schema Theory
Differentiated Learning
Situated Learning
Thematic Instruction
Authentic Assessment
Overt Metacognition
Learner-centered psychological principles (March, T.,2006)
March, T. (2006). What webquests are (really). Best WebQuests.com. Retrieved from http://bestwebquests.com/what_webquests_are.asp. This WebQuest guides students through the process of researching what social injustice is and individuals who combat it. The WebQuest is well thought out with clearly stated objectives, an introduction, a list of resources, a procedure, and a rubric.
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