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Braille Printing: Modern Inventions

Includes the smart pen and emotions webcam

Becca Huerta

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Braille Printing: Modern Inventions

Braille Printing: Modern Inventions Smart Pen Emotions Webcam This webcam allows blind people experience or 'see' emotions It works by using visual information transfered from camera into advanced vibrating patters displayed on skin. The vibrators are sequentially activated to provide information about the emotion and the intesity of the emtoion. The smart pen is not only a pen but also a computer that writes, records auto and written information along with the ability to allow you to access the information written. $150 is the price for this multi-functional pen. The writing is recognizable with a tiny camera that is mounted in the actual pen. The pen can take notes and recordings and upload them to computer. This smart pen can also talk to you. It condenses the Braille writing into only one dot because Braille usually takes up a lot of space on the page. It allows the 70% of unemployed visually impared people the chance at an education and the ability to work. This allows the visually impared to be able to experience other people's emotion, and live a normal life. If this invention wasn't created, then blind people wouldn't be able to experience emotions. By Becca Huerta Both the new and old inventions to enable the blind people to enjoy life have evovled throughout the years. In 1824, braille was only raised dots on a page and was difficult to decipher. In 2011, there is technology that reads out loud the text or has special qualifications. The connection between both ages, would be that it was a step to enable blind people to become independent and be able to experience life to the fullest, despite the obvious fact that they were blind. Both inventions have changed the way that blind people operate, and have a new sense of independence that will grow as does the technology. Bibliography Images:

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