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The Structure of Key Club

No description

Tenzin Gyalpo

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of The Structure of Key Club

HOW KEY CLUB WORKS Individual Key Clubs belong to divisions, which belong to districts, which compromise Key Club International. The Structure of Key
Club International 33 organized districts Led by the International Board of Trustees INTERNATIONAl Division International President, International Vice-President 11 International Trustees DISTRICT Defined by state or nation Chaired by a governor Led by a group of students comprising the District Board of Trustees : - The Executive District Board includes the Governor, Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), and Editor - Lieutenant Governor (one per division) We are part of the New York District Our district has 14,000 members Immediate Past Governor Divided into multiple smaller geographic regions Current Governor Daniel Ivan Lin Domenick Pesce Led by a single lieutenant governor. Lieutanant governor chooses atleast two
people to aid them(Assistant and Secretary) We are part of Division 8A Our division has 12 clubs: Christ the King
Forest Hills
Grover Cleveland
John Adams
Martin Luther
Richmond Hill
St. Francis Prep
Sunnyside Community
William Cullen Bryant Our Liuetanant Governor The name of our ltg. is Carla Pacheco. Here are some of her responsibilities: Visit each of their clubs
Publish a monthly newsletter
Hold a monthly divisional meeting,
Contact their clubs, district executive board, and Kiwanians. And they may initiate community service projects to help the members become more involved.
They are in charge of between 4-16 clubs (highschool or community based) Ltg. Elections are held annualy during the month of
January during a divisional meeting. Each club has two votes in determining the Lieutanant Governor Rebecca Riley
Key Club International President Caitlin Stroup
Key Club International Vice-President Nick DePorzio
International Trustee
Districts: Capital, New York, Ohio Clubs Established in a high school or equivalent institution. A community-based club also may be chartered. Officers
Vice President
Members Duties of the Vice President
Works exactly like the president
Does backup work for the president
Talk to Jin Lin and Tenzin Gyplo Duties of the Secretary
Takes notes of everything taking place at the meeting
Informs Key Clubbers about missed information
Works with our president and Lieutenant Governor
Talk to Anum and/or Thenjing (TJ) Duties of the Treasurer
Collects all dues from ALL Key Clubbers
Manages bank account WITH advisor
Reports funrasing reports with money wasted and funded Duties of the Club Bulletin Editor - Post signs, posters, and banners announcing meeting dates, projects, and any type of Key Club promotion
- Send articles to the district publication and
KEY CLUB magazine regarding projects and new ideas.
- Make public-service announcements, contact local press, and send articles to community newspaper See Argent or TJ if you have any questions - Serves one year
Works alongside with every officer and most members.
Makes meetings
Talk with our President(Tenzin) for more info. Duties of the President Duties of the Web Master - Mantains Club Website
- Work with Club Editor in spreading information
about the club
- Create club resources for members
- Assist other officers with web/computer operations REsOURCES ... small keyclub.org nydkc.org
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