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Classification & Division

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on 12 February 2017

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Transcript of Classification & Division

Classification & Division
Why use it?
To separate and sort things so we can make sense of the world and how it is organized.

Words such as (classification) kinds, types, varieties, aspects, and (division) parts, pieces, and categories all suggest classification or division.

While most classification/division essays will appear as organized lists, NOT ALL list essays are sorted into CATEGORIES
"The process of breaking a whole into parts."
"The process of sorting individual items into categories."
legos here are seen first as the whole (windmill) and then broken into parts
What categories would be helpful for dividing? (REMEMBER S.M.A.R.T.)
--The Parts that Make up a House

--The different seating sections in a baseball stadium
legos seen here as a random selection and then sorted into categories (what categories?)

IN BOTH class/div, all items in the set are used
(leave no gaps in information)
--Types of Student Housing

--Kinds of baseball fans
#1. Don't mix categories
When cataloging cars, you wouldn't find any significant connection between sampling:
1. economy cars
2. German cars and
3. off-road vehicles

Suggest different categories (and the goal of classifying this way)
#2. Categories should be distinct
What does

Categories should be:
--be objective
--be clear
--use SMART guidelines

Items should:
--always fit into a category
--only fit into ONE category (usually)
#3. Categories should be meaningful
You can divide the past Presidents of the United States in a variety of ways to determine facts about their politics.

However, it would be useless to sort them by, say, their zodiac sign, if you are trying to find out how many presidents represented each political party.
Structuring a Class/Div Essay
Three Part Structure in Essays
**only cover one idea/category in a paragraph**

SUBJECT: Types of Baseball Fans
CATEGORIES: 1. Party Rooter
2. Sunshine Supporter
3. Diehard Fan
MAIN IDEA: Baseball needs all three types of fans to thrive in an economy.

*Note use of paralellism between thesis and structure of body paragraphs, and between each category
*Note use of analogies and comparisons to make points more clearly (retained from previous essay style)
*Note use of transitions
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