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Transcript of fromgenestogenius

fromgenestogenius The first class (biology) Life-Defining Information The second class (biology) The Database of Life The third class (biology) The Language of Life The fourth and fifth class (programming) Processor or Ribosome? Students at biology club DNA extraction model Live nad online discussions homework gruopwork in Prezi homework - essay discussion homework - test group work group work The students especially interested in programing Programming the biology process in the Visual Studio environment group work Photo-story about the model Students interested
in multimedia The forum Information or manipulation? Philosophy, ethics, crtical thinking... Wiki Four philosophical, metaphorical bodies: natural, virtual, social and humanistic Within each one of them, the students were expected to defend the attitude from a philosophical point of view. Faculty of Biology Bioethics workshop Institute for Biological Research Students interested in ethics Ethical forum Critical thinking Comics Assess the critical aspect of the text State your opinion, explain it, "FOR" and "AGAINST" Critical thinking www.bitstripsforschools.com Visiting the laboratory Students interested in multimedia Videos And for the end... (or a new beginning)
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