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about me

No description

christina beaton

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of about me

my fave youtuber
Well i have a lot especially gaming youtubers like skydosminecraft, jeromeASF,PewDiePie,
YOGSCAST, slamacow and a lot more.
what i have done over time
who i am
name: Christina Beaton
b-day 27/9/1996
age: 17
I have 2 brothers, one is a half brother, and 1 sister.
I live with my dad and my brother. My sister lives with my mum my half brother.i have a boyfirend that lives in texis.My dad got me in to games and Manga. Music is my soul and a big part of my imaginative side and I
love to draw. I would love to
make games are wright books
my fave animations parody song
you can find me on Facebook, deviantart,youtube and twich
deviantart is one place that i love to be. i love to talk to all of artistic people i the world my name on deviantart is sapphire2796
and her is some of my work there is a lot more from when i was young to now. there are people how ask if they need help with thing like youtube work it is fun to help especially when you get your name in it. i am yet to add new drawings.
my favorite music
i love olde and new music like queen,evanescence,aqua,nightcore,
trance,fallout boys, Lindsey Stirling and a lot more
favorite video games
my favorite video game at the moment is minecraft and tarraria the 2 is called ark survival the 3 is zelda games then spyro i do have more favorite games a lot more so her are some of the logs for the games

favorite movie's
favorite story
I love to make a lot of fanfiction and reader a lot of fanfiction i am adicted to it like minecraft if i am not on minecraft i am reading are doing work on youtube/watching stuff
i love horror film's and story like the game that's haunted by a ghost of a boy called Ben drowned he was a normal boy until he drowned one day, no one helped to save him so he came back and makes people go insane and to kill the ones how did nothing to save him.
some places you can find me
my work
i am a st john member at the moment i am learning to become the leader of badgers
so my gran can run the unite.
i have done a lot with them like out and about course,leadership 1 drug and alcohol course and camping where i was a leader of a grope of kids

I love to role play all day and night. on minecraft and to cosplay as tobi cus tobi is a good boy :D

My favorite movie is "How To Train Your Dragon 1&2". I love dragons and when I saw the trailer for the film I went crazy. My two favourite films are "Avengers" and "Thor" because of the villain Loki.
strange magic is anther movie i love
Role play
what i want to do when i leave
well its my dream to go in to games making,
but if that dos not work i could go in to working, at a cinema are writing story's for kids.

about me
thanks for watching
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