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Network Event

Network event; socialize with friends who bring friends. In a social friendly context, ideas are exchanged, carrier opportunities are welcomed, new love begins...

Steven Jansen

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Network Event

Network Event 2010 by mentalevolution.eu [where] Westerpark, Amsterdam [what] Bring some food and some drinks promote diversity... ...but within your own budget [who] you and over 50 other guests [if you received the original invite] faces friends opportunities new [how] Please use public transport Haarlemmerplein bus 18 and 21 tram 3 De Wittenkade tram 10 Nassauplein bus 22 stops directly in front of the park! By foot enjoy a 20 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station starts at 16.00 hrs [when] Saturday the 28th of August ends at 20.00 hrs Don't bring cups plates cutlery garbage bags napkins these items are taken care of by your host ideas To share experiences laughter [why] who can individually bring a maximum of two other guests To find new friends new carreer opportunities for singles, new love [other] Please respect the dresscode: WHITE If applicable, bring businesscards Please r.s.v.p. before July 30th to Please enjoy responsibly; minimal footprint respect the other visitors and treat the park as it was your garden thank you. welcome to or leave a
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