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Soils Prezi

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Michael Miller

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Soils Prezi

Contour Plowing


Weathering is the breakdown of rock into smaller and smaller pieces.
Physical/Mechanical Weathering
Mechanical weathering- the breakdown of rock by physical means (ice, wind, water, gravity)
Chemical Weathering
Chemical weathering- the chemical breakdown of rock into new substances. One of the most common forms is oxidation (rust). Acid rain can also chemically weather rocks.
Cover crops: a type of crop that is planted to prevent soil erosion. (soybeans)
Crop rotation: changing crops from year to year.
If you grow the same crop year after year, the soil gets stripped of it’s nutrients.
Contour Plowing and Terracing
Two methods of shaping land to protect soil. (see diagram)

What are the methods?
It is the methods that humans take to care for the soil.

Why do this?
Soil provides nutrients for plants.
All animals get their energy from plants either directly or indirectly.
Animals live in soil.
Soil holds water.

Soil Conservation
An area’s climate affects the area’s soil.
Types of climates
Tropical: humid and lots of rain
Topsoil is very thin (leaching)
Desert: hot and little rain
Most plants cannot survive in desert soil.
Temperate: just the right amount of rain (U.S.)
rich, thick, fertile soils
Arctic: cold and little precipitation
Soil is thin, like a cold desert.
Soil and climates
Loam: soil that contains equal amounts of clay, silt, and sand.
Soil is a loose mixture of small mineral fragments and organic materials.
Bedrock is the layer beneath soil.
Parent rock is the rock that is the source of the soil.

Humus is small particles of decayed plant and animal material.
This organic part of the soil is nutrient rich.
% of Sand
% of Silt
% of Clay
Which one has a loamy texture?
The End :)
Go to this website:

Explore around and write 2 things that you learned in your soil notes.

Watch this Study Jams slide show on Soils:

When you finish, take the test. Write your score in your study guide.

Watch this Study Jams video on Weathering and Erosion:
Take the test after you watch the video. Write your score in your study guide.
Watch this animation on the soil profile:
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