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Allison Woodring

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Plants

plant adaptations
Adaptation occurs a plant changes to live in its environment.
Karoline Burcham

Parts Of a Seed
The main parts of a seed are:
*Seed Coat - This protects the seed.
*Embryo - young plant inside the seed where it will start to sprout.
*Cotyledon - This is the food storage for the seed.
How Do Seeds Spread?
*by wind
*by animals
*by water.
parts of a plant?
Why Are Plants Important
*Plants make oxygen for us to breath.
*Plants make fruits and vegetables for us to eat.
*Plants also provide homes for animals.

*flower - produces pollen and food.
*Leaves - bend toward light and makes food.
*Stem - holds the plant up and carries food .
*Roots - sucks up water.
the pocess that plant use to make their own food.
Severe Weather

When severe weather occurs it can damage crops.
This causes farmers to loose money because they cannot sell their crops.
Multimedia Project by:
Karoline Burcham

Brainpop Jr.
United Streaming
Science Book
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