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Martin Frobisher

info all about Martin Frobisher

olson wrenks

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Martin Frobisher

Martin Frobisher Martin Frobisher was...... born in 1535 in Atlofts, Yorkshire and died in November 1594. he was the first english man to go into the arctic waters . he was a tough person........and a skilled navigator He served on pirate ships and slave ships He bragged about finding the route to the east was easier to be performed but the thing was ....................... HE WAS COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!!!!!!! THAT LITTLE *************************** it was harder to be more wrong than that! he made 3 voyages to the arctic but he still never found the passage he was looking for. when he met the Inuit he assumed he had found the Asia but their features fooled him. His prisoners died very quickly when they left their home. He was given the High Admiral of Cathay. (Cathay is another way of saying China). But he was not ever close to the shores of the nation. brought back tons of what he thought was gold. It was actaully iron pyrite. He ended up bringing it for nothing because it was worthless! Brought 15 ships back full of the rock! He failed his expeditions and mapped Arctic waters but his glory came from fighting the Spanish. He was in charge of many boats against the Spanish and they killed many of the Spanish. Less than 10000 of 25000 survived. he sailed into the bay at the southwest end of the baffin island. First European to go to the Island. The bay is also now names Frobisher bay in his honor. Baffin bay is in Nunavut and Frobisher bay is just west of the ocean from Iqaluit. Frobisherbay was known as Iqaluit until 1982 Thats all folks!! thanks to: explorers and pathfinders, the kids book of Canadian history, the world book and the good old internet websites!!! - Prezi, spartacus educational, wikipedea etc. He later retired in 1591 but then he was bored. He was persuaded to attack Spanish merchant ships carrying gold coming from Panama. He was critically wounded in an attempt to siege Crozon (France). He was brought back to England but he died in Plymouth (UK). by: Kevin and Olson Martin Frobisher was, and still is very important because............ he mapped the arctic waters and fought the spanish
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