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Oral Surgery

No description

Sammy Mendoza

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Oral Surgery

By: Sammy Mendoza and Evangelina Molina Oral Surgery - Bachelor's degree
- 4 years of dental school
- 4 years of medical school
-2 years of oral surgery specialty
3 years of residency - 18 months training for medical and surgical purposes
-6 months for anesthesia
-4 months of general surgery
-3 months of neurosurgery
-1 month of medicine
- 2 months of cardiology
-1 month of otolaryngology
- 1 month of ER training Residency Includes: -Plastic Surgery
- Wisdom Teeth Extrcaction/ Teeth Extractions
-Jaw Surgery
-Temporomandibular Joint Repair
-Reconstruction Oral Surgery Procedures Education Includes dental implants to replace missing teeth and preserve the jaw bone, restore missing gum tissue and protect root surfaces from sensitivity and decay, and correct the excessive gum tissue. Plastic Surgery Wisdom Teeth Extraction/
Surgical Teeth Extractions First step: anesthesia
Second step: opening of the gum tissue
Third step: removal of tooth
Fourth step: stitching Needed when the jaw doesnt meet correctly or the teeth dont fit properly in the jaw. Jaw Surgery Temporomandibularjoint repair -Its the joint that connects the skull and lower jaw and is located in front of the ear
- Disorders result in injury or grinding of the teeth -Reconstructions result from car accidents or gun wounds Reconstructions - generally: $200,000
-own private practice : $300,000
- with experience: up to $450,000 Salary http://www.schoolsintheusa.com/careerprofiles_details.cfm?carid=484
http://www.dremed.com/oral_surgery.shtml Citations Simple Teeth Extraction
First step: loosening of the tooth
Second step: removal of the tooth -In a hospital
-In an outpatient clinic Place of Employment _Anesthesia Machines
-Vital Signs Monitors
-Surgical Chairs
-Infusion Pumps
-Electrosurgical Units
-Surgical Lights
-Medical Stretchers
-Drill System
-Periodontal Equipment
-Sedation Dentistry
-Medical Furniture
-Medical Warmers
-Medical Gas Equipment
-Portable Anesthesia
-Anesthesia Monitor
-Mobile Table
-LED Lighting Special Equipment Used
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