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How to save water?

No description

Gancho Marinski

on 19 March 2017

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Transcript of How to save water?

Only turn on washing machines or dishwashers when they are full. When washing dishes by hand, do not rinse them under running water.
Turn the tap off while you are brushing your teeth or soaping yourself.
Water is life!
Hope you like it and understand how to save water. Always remember water is life.
How to save water?

Water-this is magic liquid that keeps our planet and us alive, liquid which we use everyday, liquid that we should respect and adore, but this is also liquid that we pollute.The truth is that water is in danger and we should save it ,so here are some advice which we can do to save water.

Shower instead of taking a bath. A bath requires some 200 liters of water, showering approximately 40-70 litres. Turn the water off in the shower when you are soaping yourself.
Use a broom not a hose, to clean driveways and walkways.
When watering the garden, use collected rainwater to water the plants in the evening. The water evaporates more quickly in strong sunshine so water in the evening.
Made by:Gancho Marinski
''Nesho Bonchev''High School''
Repair dropping taps or broken WC flushes immediately. A dropping tap wastes up to 17 litres of water a day and a running toilet flushes 50 litres of water a day.
When washing the car, use a bucket and sponge instead or a garden hose; or drive to a car wash, where the washing water is re-used in a cycle .
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