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Lexington & concord British perspective!!

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maryam mazouz

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Lexington & concord British perspective!!

This battle happened in April 19, 1775.
What happened was that at dawn 700 British troops arrived at Lexington and came upon 77 terribly trained militiamen and they gathered in the town green. No one knew who shot first. 8 Militiamen laid dead, 10 were wounded, and only one british soldier was injured. Only one soldier was injured compared to the other horrible side which had 18 injured or dead. It was the first armed clashes between the Americans and the British in the Revolutionary War. As many as 3,500 militiamen firing constantly for 18 miles only wounded or killed roughly. 250 redcoats compared to 90 wounded or killed on the side. They were no match for the great British!!
How: The British were going to Concord to take the colonists weapons and so the people of Lexington were told to get ready to fight if the British came to their town, even though we weren't going to hurt them.
This battle of the Brave British against the savages, (Patriots) was located in Lexington & Concord in Massachusetts. This battle took place in Town green, Concord.
April 19, 1775
Vol XCIII, No. 311
85 cents
The British had to face the Patriots in a battle. Luckily the British had an amazing, great, and brave leader General Francis Smith. The other side, had George Washington as their leader which was no match for the British. The other side had militiamen, which were made up of farmers and people who wad no experience what so ever! The Leader George Washington was not as good as people thought.
The war was based from the unwanted tension and hatred between colonists and the British. The marching of the British army on Concord was to confiscate weapons from the colonists, like we were supposed to do.

Lexington & Concord
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