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Kids create a prezi presentation to define meaning of lyrics

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kizzy goss

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Kids create a prezi presentation to define meaning of lyrics

Music Appreciation
from the 70s -90s

What is the real reason that students enjoy a popular song
Criteria for posting
Once the target objectives have been specified, an analysis to identify prerequisite competencies or enabling skills can be performed. Both target objectives and enabling objectives need to be considered during instructional design.

The use of technology to find information provides some powerful tools for teachers and the designers of learning activities that involve the learner in using verbal information. Blogs are a good example how digital or electronic retrieval strategies can help learners transform vast amounts of information into meaningful knowledge. An unlimited amount of space and the ability to update information instantly allows students to expand the boundaries of teaching and learning (Gagne et al.2005).
"I will always love you"
Whitney Houston 1990s
Students addressed the lyrics, meaning, and feeling of the ssong sang by composers from 1970s to the 1990s
"I will always love you"
Dolly Parton 1970s
Instructional Design
Ideas that came from the song allowed students to create blogs on the school's Blackboard page based on the message students perceived from the song. Below are some blog topics on one of the songs used. Blogs discussed how the song relates to the students life as well as discuss how the song made them feel. Students were required to respond to 3 people in the blog after posting their thoughts (MIN 150 Characters). From the blog topics groups were created to produce a similar song or different song that made them feel opposite from their current feelings and post to their group test youtube page. The song with the highest number of views will later be a school production for upcoming music appreciation program.

a message from a loved one passed away

a message to a loved one that passed away

a message after a break up "dear John" letter

a love song to a family member or lover

Gagne, R. M., Wager, W. W., Golas, K. C., & Keller, J. M. (2005). Principles of instructional design. Belmont, CA: Thompson.
The battle between the beat, the artist , or the lyrics
After listening to the song students were required to fill out a questionnaire on whether one of the following below influenced the reason they enjoyed the song.

Beat/ instrument:


Students are required to use an interactive presentation to define the meaning, perception, and influences of why a popular song made in the 1970s to the same song remade in the 1990s . Students are required using Bergman and Moore’s (1990) guidelines for the production and management of interactive video/multimedia projects such as PREZI and Blogging to apply specific delivery systems to gain and improve writing, listening, and creative thinking skills (Gagne et al.2005). Both target objectives and enabling objectives were considered during instructional design to gain an appreciation for music while incorporating other subjects within the curriculm.
Thank you for your time
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