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PHAC Policy Seminar Series - Policy Innovation for Public Health Impact

August 28, 2015

PSD Account

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of PHAC Policy Seminar Series - Policy Innovation for Public Health Impact

Policy Innovation for Public Health Impact
New Approach
Leveraging Results
Citizen Engagement
Innovative Interventions
Multi-sectoral Partnerships
Investors & Partners
TPX Winner Announcement

The Impact
Areas of Focus
Carrot Rewards
Physical Activity Project
Compared to the same time last year, 61% of members visit the YMCA
at least one more time/week
At participating YMCA locations, those who are enrolled in the program (AIR MILES collectors)
visit the YMCA 19.6% more frequently
than non-AIR MILES collectors.
people have registered for the program,
far exceeding
the 25,000 target.
Lalonde Report
Canadian Context
National competition to seek out the best ideas to get Canadians active
Crowdsourcing of ideas and interactive engagement
Entire project designed to evolve how government can use its funding levers
Communication and marketing (traditional and social media)
Private sector investment planning approach to build pipeline of investable ideas
High profile judges and "Canada votes" to determine the winning idea
$1 million in investment financing from the Government of Canada
The Play Exchange
Funding Instrument Modernization
Impact Investments
The Outcomes Platform
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