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The Shape of a Girl- Adrienne and Braidie

Comparing the life and time lines of two characters and how their lives connected.

Sonya Radvan

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Shape of a Girl- Adrienne and Braidie

Braidie Braidie and Adrienne are best friends. Braidie loves her so much she is afraid she is a lesbian. Sofie comes to school and joins in on their horse games. Braidie likes Sofie. Adrienne She plays horse games with her friends and best friend Braidie. Sofie comes to school and she rides her like a horse and puts braids in her hair. She likes Sofie just like everyone else. Penalty day is introduced. Braidie wants to go first for it but Adrienne goes first instead. Going forward to her as a teenager, Braidie says that at the end of grade 4 it was always Sofie for penalty day and no one knew why. Braidie Adrienne She brings in penalty day as if shes bringing in a gift. she goes first for it but later on always says Sofie should be the one they are mean to and no one questions her. Braidie Braidie notices how Adrienne controls everything. She starts to always be mean to Sofie and they are only all friends again when they laugh or Adrienne says so. You sense how her and the other girls feel compassion for Sofie. Braidie is 12. She warns Sofie to not go on the field trip to the play of "Hamlet" because she knows Adrienne will do something to Sofie. She is trying to protect her because she knows Sofie is fragile like a baby. Braidie Braidie Adrienne She makes fun of Sofie all the time. She encourages the other girls to address Sofie as "it" and only allows the others to be friends with Sofie again when she determines it. She ignores anyone that feels compassion for Sofie She laughs when Adrienne makes Sofie stick her bum out the window. At this point her compassion has faded. Adrienne She whispers to Sofie that she has to stick her butt out of the emergency window on their way to the Hamlet play. She got Sofie kicked out of the field trip which is what she wanted. She makes Braidie and the other girls laugh. Braidie Adrienne She sees Sofie at the beach hunched over a book while her, Braidie, Amber and Jackie are playing. She calls Sofie "it" and grabs her by the ponytail like she would grab the reigns of a horse. She slams Sofie's head on the rocks and chases after her when Sofie runs away. She gets shot with a rock by Braidie's brother and stops chasing Sofie. She says nothing but just watches as Adrienne smashes Sofie's head against a rock like hitting a nail with a hammer. She knows its Trevor who shot Adrienne with a stone and stopped her from killing Sofie. Braidie They are 14 now. Braidie always waits for Adrienne once school is over. She notices that Sofie tries her best to be invisible to everyone but Braidie does notice her. she likes to keep tabs no her. She will go to the bus station where Sofie eats lunch alone and she knows that Sofie always wears her hood up trying to hide from the world and hold onto something stable. She doesnt like the guys that Adrienne likes. Adrienne Adrienne The book doesn't describe her thoughts or plans here. Later on however, you assume she does not want Sofie to come on the field trip and is plotting to get her kicked out if she does come. Braidie She goes to the washroom one day and see's Sofie putting on blue eye-liner in a "goofy blue line" (page 53). You can tell how she now feels about Adrienne by the way she describes her exiting the stall. "Then guess who came kicking out of the stall" (page 53). Adrienne has been crying and Braidie senses danger for Sofie so she tells Adrienne that they should go. She is now 14. She doesnt notice Sofie anymore. she is in high school now and often spends her time with boys and Braidie. She doesnt seem to care about others, only herself. She is smoking more often. Adrienne She has been crying in a bathroom stall for what Braidie assumes is something to do with Justin. She walks out and sees Sofie standing there. She feels hurt so she lashes out on Sofie. She ignores Braidie when she suggests that they leave. Adrienne She drops her atlas on Sofies foot and tells her to pick it up. She ignores Braidie again when she says that they should go. To her, Sofie is a dog. Adrienne is the master; "pick it up" (page 54). She kicks Sofie down on all fours when she bends to pick it up and Adrienne pretends that she is once again a horse like they pretended when they were all friends and younger. She grabs Sofie by the shirt and drags her to the toilet saying "maybe the horse needs a drink of water" (page 55). The book does not describe the assault but as the reader you know that Adrienne has injured and harmed Sofie in some way. Braidie As Adrienne begins to beat up Sofie, Braidie sees Sofie ask for help and then she leaves the washroom. She skips all her classes that day and feels guilty. She hates Sofie for caving into what Adrienne told her to do. She wanted her to fight back. She spends a good part of the day looking for Sofie. You know as the reader that Braidie now is realizing what kind of a person Adrienne really is and what she herslef has been involved in. Braidie Adrienne She doesnt care about Sofie at all. When Braidie asks her she cant even remember what she did to her. She insults Braidie telling her to "stop breathing like a pervert" (page 56). From this point on you dont know what Adrienne does or anything that she says. She asks what happened to Sofie when they get on the bus at the end of the day. Adrienne says nothing happened but Braidie sees that Sofie's seat is empty. At that point Braidie realizes that the girl and the friend that she loved is now gone and only the shape of a girl is left. She knows that Adrienne is a monster in the shape of a girl. She finds Sofie in the school washroom and watches as Sofie smashes her head into the wall. in the play he says, "We did a good job. Even Sofie hates Sofie" (page 56) Braidie This is the major turning point in Braidie's life. You see her notice things more before but now she takes action. She goes and tells her old preschool teacher what has been happening because she knows its wrong and thats the only person she trusts. They go and tell the principal together about what has been going on with Sofie, Adrienne, and herself. Throughout the whole play Braidie compares herself and Adrienne to the girls in Victoria, BC who killed Reena Virk. Adrienne The only thing you know about Adrienne at the end of the play is that she has been told on by Braidie. You also can assume however that her and Braidie's friendship is over and that she herself may realize the monster she has become.
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