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Copy of Starting off Right

No description

Richard Kotovich Jr

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Starting off Right

Academic Readiness
Increased Academic Rigor
Social Readiness
Increased Freedom and Responsibility
Personal Readiness
Pitfalls to Avoid
Figuring out career plans 'later'
Helpful Tips
Visit colleges early..apply early
Starting off Right
...Preparing for what is next
Richard Kotovich Jr MA LPC
Counselor -Western Technical College
Financial decisions matter more
Really read for your classes now!

Improve study skills - study to understand
Increased Responsibility and Expectations
Manage yourself -get organized

Practice self-discipline
Connecting Matters
You are making big decisions
Increased Opportunities
The need to know your limits
Change! - (sometimes fast)
Find the right balance between school and social time

Practice self -advocacy! (being involved in your own life and speaking up)

Try stretching/expanding your circle

Build experiences now that help you answer big questions (work, volunteer, classes, activities, etc)
Learn to make time for yourself now !

Know the things that are good for you

Spend wisely and save wisely!

Practice 'saying no' to 'too much'
NOT getting help
Going home every weekend
Working first semester
Check out services/accommodations early
Apply for all possible fin aid
Listen to yourself when selecting a school..not friends
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