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Презентация. Assesment

Guliyash Niyazova

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of prezentation

External Value of Educational Activity (VOUD)

Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Types of accreditation
National Assessment
of the Education System
of Kazakhstan
Authors of the Project:
Kussanova Bibigul
Niyazova Guliyash
Eldar Kopishev
Chshenbotayeva Nargiza

Institute of Education
August, 6, 2013
National System of Value Quality of Education
The Unique national Testing for School Leavers

Accreditation of Kazakhstan universities
The quality of Kazakhstan universities is assured by accreditation. By attending an accredited Kazakh university, you can be confident that you are obtaining a level of quality education that will be recognized by employers, professional associations, and other universities
Accreditation in Kazakhstan
In Kazakhstan, private and state educational associations - recognized by the Kazakhstan government - determine and regulate the educational standards of Kazakhstan universities
Private and state educational associations - recognized by the Kazakhstan government
AQ, Austria
ACQUIN, Germany
ASIIN e.v., Germany
Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency for Education (IKQAAE)

 The Agency is nongovernmental and nonprofit organization whose main purpose is not to gain profit.    
The purpose of the Agency’s activity is to provide organizational and technical maintenance of the conducting procedures of institutional and specialized accreditation of educational institution, to elaborate standards and criteria for accreditation, to carry out the rankings of higher education institutions, technical and professional organizations
is an accreditation of higher education institutions in general, this means all professional specialties within a higher education institution are accredited

is an accreditation of distinct professional programms, not a general accreditation of all specialties as if in institutional accreditation

is an accreditation whereby higher education institutions pass accreditation of specific professional programs in a foreign accreditation agency
Kazakhstan school students assessment
The procedures of completing institutional accreditation are made in accordance with the Statute of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It includes the following steps:
1st step – self-assessment (internal evaluation) by higher education institution
2nd step – external evaluation by the commission of experts of an accreditation agency
3rd step – making the decision and, if positive, granting of the certificate of accreditation.
Oral assessment in university…
What is it

Oral assessment is simply assessment conducted orally, or by word of mouth
Three ways of oral assessment
Form of assessment used in relation to a particular assessment item

Work of student or group

The assessors that include other student (students), lecturer (lecturers)
Why do we prefer to assess orally
Promoting good learning
Balancing and developing student knowledge and skills
Countering plagiarism

What do
we assess
Knowledge and understanding
Problem solving and application
Interpersonal skills
Personal attributes
Six tips for successful oral assessment
Plan thoroughly
Learn from other’s experience
Prepare your students
Prepare your colleagues
Be fair
Be efficient
Is Oral assessment efficient or not
Assessment for the UK and Kazakhstan
being trained is an integral part of educational process
constantly provides information on the reached educational results, necessary for correction the process of learning

Assessment of the Kazakhstan school students
1. Internal assessment/the assessment according to the criteria of the NIS

2. External assessment

3. Assessment at the international level

Assessment in the UK and Kazakhstan
Internal assessment
Estimation without marks – grade 1
5 mark system of estimation – grades 2 – 11

The most important

External assessment
Assessment of educational achievements – grade 9
Uniform national testing – graduates of the 11th grade

Students are assessed at the end of each stage
- undertaken at primary school - 2
- finish key stages - 2

assessment occurs at age 16 when students pursue their GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

Assessment at the international level
Programme for International Student Assessment (teenagers of 15 years)

Trend in International Mathematics and Science Study - pupils of grades 4 and 8

Countries and partner countries of OECD

65 countries and territories. More than 470 thousand 15-year being trained, representing 27 million pupils of the participating countries. In 2009 Kazakhstan took the 59th place

Main directions of research PISA
Literacy of reading

Mathematical literacy

Natural-science literacy
Levels of functional literacy of PISA-2009
Ability independently to think, analyze and make own hypotheses
Ability to use available knowledge and abilities for obtaining new information
Ability to apply, available knowledge
and skills in protozoa not educational situations
Low level of elementary knowledge and small probability of the successful
performance of tasks
Thank you for attention!
TIMSS Trend in International Mathematics and Science Study - pupils of grades 4 and 8
International assessments of student achievement dedicated to improving teaching and learning in mathematics and science.

TIMSS 2007
the 5th place on mathematics,
the 11th place on natural sciences

The aim of the Project is to present the national system of educational assessment

To Evaluate the meaning of the word “Assessment” from the global point of view till the narrow meaning
The Plan
National System of Value Quality of Education
Types of accreditation
Oral assessment in university
Kazakhstan school students assessment
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