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Nahum Gelber Law Library

Law Library McGill University: brief overview

Svetlana Kochkina

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Nahum Gelber Law Library

New associates at law firms spend up to 80 % of their time researching, drafting and writing documents, with 45% of this time spent on research Why should you come to the Law Library? Legal research help Collection more than 80,000 books, hundreds of print journals, and case reporters The library is the only centralized location on university campus where new and emerging information technologies are combined with traditional knowledge resources in a user-focused, service-rich environment that supports today's social and educational patterns of learning, teaching, and research.
( from G.T. Freeman) Individual Consultation Place uPrint service on floors B to 5: print, copy, scan & e-mail Unique collection of rare books on French Civil Law before the Codification of 1804 John Humphrey
Human Rights Collection more than 250 individual study places 3 reserved group study rooms Classroom with 24 new computers databases ??? Library Service Desk ? How? legal research
basics Where? What? come/ call / e-mail
and ask your question research assistants research project citation management software term paper Library Sessions in
Introductory Legal Research
Class Your Library has
everything you need
We are here to help you EndNote Svetlana Kochkina,
Nahum Gelber Law Library
svetlana.kochkina@mcgill.ca Kathleen VanderNoot
Lysanne Larose Photo Credit:
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