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OLT Training & Briefing 2014

No description

Michael Burgoyne

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of OLT Training & Briefing 2014

By the end of the session all participants will have:
1. received key information regarding the new OLT process including role of the TLC

2. had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with OFSTED grading criteria for lesson observations and what this means in making evaluative judgements

3. reviewed grading judgements in line with CIF and a focus on learning & learners

4. considered action planning and achievement of OLT process/timelines
Curriculum teams
Work in curriculum areas and decide:
1. How you can support new & existing teachers in improving their T, L & A?
2. How you will manage and conduct observations in T1?
3. Manage action plans
4. Record impact of OLT/TLC/line managers in driving forward quality of T&L
5. Plan a 2nd round of observations

The reviewed process:
1. Rigorous

2. Supportive

3. Timely

What is your current understanding of the CIF/OFSTED expectations of good or better T&L?
Focus on learning and the learners
Task 1
Re write each descriptor with a focus on learning and learners not teachers.
Task 2
Read each report
Highlight the evaluative words and comments in the text
Decide on a notional grade for each report

OLT Training & Briefing
Thank you!

Please complete the evaluation & feedback form.
OLT judgements to improve T, L & A
Training for all observers with moderation by joint observation with senior managers/quality
Focus on learners and expectations around learning not teachers/teaching
Focus on progress of learners in session against LOs and expectations of course/level
All observations to go ahead at the time scheduled - absence at time of planned observation, re-observation scheduled and to go ahead within 14 days
Cross college observation where possible
Cross college moderation of written reports, feedback and action plans for continuous improvement
New role of TLC
Priority to observe G3/4s or new tutors first
Oral feedback within 3 days
Written feedback with agreed action plan within 5 days
Individual support for indicative G3/G4 lessons
Peer observations to be encouraged in action plans to support and develop good practice
Tailored & ongoing support from TLC
CPD/support through faculty planning
Learning Walks

All teachers to be observed in term 1
Priority to new teachers, those not observed and existing teachers with G3/G4 from 2013-14 observations
Teachers given written notification 5 working days before
Verbal and written feedback with action plan within 5 working days
Re-observation for sessions requiring substantial actions to improve within 6-8 week
Grading words & action plans
Look at the reports and which words are used to support the notional grade.

What actions can be agreed for standardisation for TLC & line managers?
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