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Native American Smallpox Pandemic

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imelda ruiz

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Native American Smallpox Pandemic

Native American Smallpox Pandemic
How did spread?
This Native American depopulation occurred during the contact period, causing the Native American population size to decline from 1-18 million before European contact (c. AD 1500) to an estimated 530,000 by 1900.
How They Treated It
The Indians used traditional methods to cure the disease such as: incantations, sweat lodges, willow bark to steam the lodge, and conifer oils.Another form was to isolate themselves to not catch the smallpox.
How does it affect today?
It spread when the Europeans came and took over The New World.
It was the worst because it was new to them and they did not know how to treat it.

What is Smallpox?
is a very serious illness caused by a virus called the
variola virus.
How does it spread?
Smallpox is contagious .It spreads through tiny drops of an infected person's saliva when the person coughs,talks or sneezes.
Estimates of mortality rates resulting from smallpox epidemics range between 38.5% for the Aztecs, 50% for the Piegan, Huron, Catawba, Cherokee, and Iroquois, 66% for the Omaha and Blackfeet, 90% for the Mandan, and 100% for the Taino. Smallpox epidemics affected the demography of the stricken populations for 100 to 150 years after the initial first infection.
If someone does get smallpox, a doctor can recognize the disease because it causes a special kind of rash. The rash shows up as blisters on the skin that fill with fluid and crust over. This might sound like chickenpox, but the blisters look different from the blisters that chickenpox causes. The other symptoms of smallpox are like those of many other less serious illnesses: fever, headache, backache, and feeling tired.
How is it diagnosed?
Can it be cured?
Is there any medicine?
No there is no current cure for smallpox.
There are no pills that can treat smallpox, but scientists are doing research to try to develop medicine for the disease. If someone does become infected with the smallpox virus, getting the vaccine within a few days of becoming infected can lessen the disease's symptoms.
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