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Timeline of Chris McCandless

No description

Dasean Kornegay

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of Chris McCandless

Tracing his steps Into the Wild Timeline Conclusion 1986 August 1990 Atlanta, Georgia In a life of pretty much everything, the one thing Chris realized he was missing was happiness. He decided to leave his home, spending much of his young life seeking solitary struggle against nature and "truth" But, after meeting all of these great couples and people, what he discovered was that he needed to share his knowledge with others in order to find real happiness.
"Happiness only exists when shared." Because of Chris's parents control on his life... Annandale, Virginia Detrital Wash, Arizona Northern California Chris, now called Alex, hitches a ride from Jan and Bob Burres. Because Alex greatly reminded Jan of her son who was out in the world somewhere, Jan and Alex grew very close. July 1990 On the road to Mexico Carthage, South Dakota September 1990 Gulf Coast Tex-Mex Boarder October 1990 1991 Bull Head City, Arizona May 1991 - December 1991 Walt McCandless and Wilhemina "Billie" McCandless were Chris McCandless parents. To his parents, he was a very great child that did everything they wanted. Chris later graduated from high school and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and attended Emory University. Became obsessed with racial oppression in Africa Took long trips in his Yellow Datsun whenever possible. Went to Fairbanks, Alaska for the first time in 1989 Chris abandoned his Datsun after flood. Park Rangers eventually found the car and now use it as an undercover cop car. Because of no money or car, Alex took a job working on the farm of a man who calls himself Crazy Ernie. Since Crazy Ernest turned out to be a con-artist, Alex decided to steal his bicycle. Alex meets Wayne Westerberg and hitches a ride from him. In need of money, Alex accepts the job Wayne offers him at a grain elevator. Wayne and Alex become close friends. Reaching a block on the Golf Coast, Alex catches a ride with some Mexicans to the Coast, where he spends a lot of time exploring the waters. After a particularly rough patch of water, Alex abandons his kayak and tries to return to America. While attempting to cross the American Boarder, Alex is caught by immigration police and spends a night in jail where he is able to think about his life. Alex gets a job at McDonalds but later quits because he has to wear socks. Happy to hear from Jan and Bob, Alex tags along with Jan to Slabs January August April March 1992 Salton City, California Alex sets up and while hitchiking in town for supplies he meets and 80year old man named Ronald Franz. Just like everyone else that Alex has met, Franz and Alex grew close. Before Alex left to San Diego, Franz taught him some craftmanship techniques. Leading to the creation of Alex's elaborate belt. by Dasean Kornegay Alex later calls Franz in need of a ride and is dropped off int Grand Junction, Colorado. Carthage, South Dakota Arriving three days later from Colorado in Carthage, South Dakota, Alex resumes work after Westerberg is released from prison. Alaskan Odyssey Jim Gallien gives Alex a ride to the stampede trail. Alex make notes is hid journal what to eat and what not to eat. After months of eating potatoes, in June, they became bitter and inedible, forcing him to eat the seed. Little did he know, the seeds were coated in Alkaloid which prevented digestion in the body. Alex finally arrives in Alaska
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