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Back to Basics: Facebook Advertising

No description

David Wallace

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Back to Basics: Facebook Advertising

GL: Back to Basics Social PPC Advertising Campaign Reach: the # of individual people who saw your ad Frequency: the average # of times each individual saw your ad Social Reach: People who saw your ad with social info about people and pages they’re connected to CTR: # of clicks received / # of impressions Actions: includes all actions taken within 24 hours after Viewing an ad, or within 28 days after clicking it. These include:
Page Likes
Page Post Likes
Page Post Shares
Link Clicks
Page Photo Views
Check Ins Actions are displayed graphically by ad here. SEM = Search Engine Marketing
A form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of search engine optimization, paid media & contextual advertising
PPC = Pay Per Click = Paid Media
Advertiser pays each time an ad is clicked
CPM = Cost Per Impression = Pay Per Impression
Advertiser pays for every 1,000x the ad is shown
Used in Google Display Network & FB, but not an option for SEM PPC Marketing/Advertising Recap
[Too Many Acronyms] How is Facebook advertising different from SEM? On behalf of our client, we can effectively reach the target audience on Facebook and prompt them to:
Become a “Fan” of the business by “Liking” their page
Interact with photos, posts, and share to their own FB friend network
Enter to win promotion/contest
Buy a product or service
Claim a special offer
Contact the company What Does Facebook Advertising Mean to GL? PPC Recap
Facebook PPC & GannettLocal
Types of Facebook Ads
Creating Killer FB Ads
Understanding Facebook Metrics Agenda External URL or Website Ads
Facebook Tab Ads
Page Post Ads
Sponsored Stories
Event Ads
Mobile Ads Types of Facebook Ads Takes people to a page on your website or landing page. External URL or Website Ads Custom ad which takes fans to a tab or “landing page” on your Facebook Page Facebook Tab Ads Take fans to one of your posts from your Facebook Page. People can like pages directly from ads. Page Post Ads Take social content and turn it into a marketing story.
Page Like Ads
Offer Ads Sponsored Stories Promotes an event, sales, product promotion, educational workshop, trade show or any other event requiring an RSVP
When a person RSVP’s there will be a notice in their news feed Event Ads Start interaction with Facebook users by conducting a poll. This helps to create a news story on the advertisers page as well as a story in the news feed of those who like the company's page Polling Ads Click-Through-Rates = 15x Higher on mobile
Clicks are 30% cheaper on mobile
Fans coming from mobile comment 22% more and “like” posts 63% more than non-mobile users Strictly seen on mobile phone news feeds Mobile Facebook Ads Takes people to a page on your website or landing page. External URL or Website Ads Define Client Goals
Define target audience
Create strong ads & landing page
Choose best bidding method Creating Killer FB Ads Leads
Page Post Views Define Client Goals Geo Targeting
Connections Define Target Audience Target Audience: Geography Run Ads for different age groups & genders more effectively by using broad and precise interests
Think of the clients ideal customer and ways you can reach out using a Facebook Ad Target Audience: Demographic & Interests Used for sponsored stories- like ads, page post ads, polls etc.
If company fan base is sufficient, use Friends of Fans targeting for higher CTR Target Audience: Social Connections Ad Copy Best Practices
Compelling Text
Strong call to action
Focus on promotions/discounts
Keep It Simple Stupid Create Strong Ads Ad Image Best Practices
Face close-ups (large enough to see expression from 3 feet away)
Happy, smiling expressions
Photos with high contrast and not too busy of a background
Boldly colored border around images with a white background
Kids (when appropriate)
Pets, cute animals
Bold colors
Logo text should be readable, not blurry or pixelated Create Strong Ads Cont’d Ads can lead the consumer to the LP, but they can’t make ‘em convert
A good LP has a clear call to action & directs the user to the goal The Importance of a Good Landing Page CPM
Cost per thousand impressions
Good for campaigns with small reach, or campaigns looking to leverage social connections
Cost per click
CPC is affected by other advertisers’ targeting of selected interests and demographics etc.
Used for fan targeting and ads with an external link The Bidding Options Questions? By Adriane, Amelia & Wallace
The Facebook PPC Team
July 31, 2012 Back to Basics: Advertising You have 90 characters
Photo is larger than in traditional ad Page Post Ads Cont'd. Good Page Post Ad Bad Page Post Ad Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & determining the Client's Return On Investment (ROI) Understanding Facebook Metrics Campaign-level metrics
are displayed on top Key Metrics Key Metrics Cont'd. Facebook Campaign Interface Keep it on FB if at ALL possible
Like Gate Option Landing Pages Cont'd.
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