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FMT for Doc Talks

No description

Mark Davis

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of FMT for Doc Talks

What you can do & How to do it
Using FMT with patients: practical advice
The real scoop on the real poop
Ancient History of FMT
Mechanisms of Action
Indications & Contraindications
The Future
COI: Carlson Labs
Fecal Transplant Foundation

Mark Davis, ND
We think it's the live bacteria
Could be immune system reaction
Recent Politico-legal History
Use FMT in-office for rCDI
Give enemas or caps from Microbiomes Lab
Prepare FMT products in-office
Guide patients in home FMT
Fecal Transplant Foundation
Search engines
Taymount Clinic (UK & Bahamas)
Newbery Medicine (Argentina)
Grade A recommendations for FMT:
C diff
infections not responding to standard therapies
* Ulcerative colitis
* Metabolic syndrome
Grade B recommendations for FMT:
* Crohn's disease
* Irritable bowel syndrome
* CFS, MS, ITP, sepsis
* Early intervention for 027
C diff
Grade C recommendations for FMT:
~90% curative
19% absolute increase in remission
55-78% response
Grade D recommendations for FMT:
* Parkinson's, obesity
70% improved
conventional care: 2.1 CSBM/w
FMT: 3.4 CSBM/w
rate of glucose disappearance changed from 26.2 to 45.3 μmol/kg/min
microbial isolation
advanced preservation
> RCTs
home experimentation
anecdotes & innovation
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