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iPads in the Math Classroom

No description

Danielle Creamer

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of iPads in the Math Classroom

iPads in the Mathematics Classroom
Professional Development Practices
Hands On
Ready to Implement
Aligned with the Curriculum
Hands on Practice
Danielle Creamer
How do I get students
engaged in what I am
teaching them?
Now On to the literature.
Technology in the Classroom
Technologies Effects on Classroom Behavior
Teachers Reactions to the Implementation of New Technology
Technology Based Student Centered Practices
Professional Development Practices
Valuable Information
Technology in the Classroom
Technology's Effect on
Classroom Behavior
Student Centered Practices
Teachers Reactions
Project Overview
Shared lesson plan
Share free Math Apps
Share research on incorporating the iPad into the classroom
Literature Review
May 2014
Where do I start?
to New Technology Implementation
Connections: Data & Literature
Students were actively engages (Beck-Hill,2012)
Teachers want more training (Hoffman, 2012
Training Should be ongoing (Holcomb, 2009)
3 Professional Seminars
Educational Leadership
Study of Practice
Personal Reflections
There are changes to be made
Raising Awareness
Exciting & Relevant Topic
Future Impacts & Recommendations
Increased Interaction
Seminar Series
How to use the iPad lesson
More Apps & Encourage Use of them
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Instructional Rounds
Student & Teacher Surveys
Teachers wanted more Professional Development
Students need training on iPads
Teachers were excited about the iPads potential
across curriculum & its versatility
Students were excited & enjoyed using the iPads
Students wanted to use the iPads again
Student watching
BrainPOPJr on the iPad
Two students playing the Sushi Monster addition practice app
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Presentation References
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