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The Beginning of the End

No description

Brandon Blaettler

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Beginning of the End

A New Chapter
-John recently graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology.
-Plans to earn a M.S. in Computer Information Technology at Capella University.
-John has spent his whole life in Austin, Texas.
-He is considering relocating to Atlanta, Georgia for a change of scenery and also to pursue a career relating to his degree.
-After some research John concludes that the cost of living will be about the same in Atlanta as in Austin.
-John decides that he wants to move, so he begins to search for careers in Atlanta using online resources.
-Eventually John finds a job that fits him and his degree with a company called Straight Line Technologies.
-John has relevant experience from two internships he took with Insight Inc. and Requiem Co. during college.
-The yearly salary for this job is $85,000.
-John is excited about the job but wants to compare the salary to other jobs in Atlanta.
-He finds that the salary of $85,000 is well above the average in Atlanta.
-John must complete the application and submit a cover letter through indeed.com.
-After one week Mary(A representative of Straight Line Technologies) contacted John.
-Mary insists on interviewing John over the phone and John agrees.
-During the interview John is asked why he is leaving his current job.
-John answers the question by stating that although it is a great place to work part-time, he has decided that he is ready for a full time career that is relevant to his recently acquired degree.
-Mary tells John that Atlanta is a great place to live and concludes the interview.
-John immediately writes down his thoughts for a "Thank you" note that he will mail out to Mary the next morning.

John Smith
-John's experience, interview prowess, and dedicated follow-up pay off because two weeks later he receives another phone call from Mary.
-John is informed that the position he applied for has already been filled but Mary still offers him a position as assistant computer programmer.
-The salary is $75,000, which is less than what John was expecting but Mary explains that he will have the opportunity to grow and be promoted to the original position.
-John will need to submit a new cover letter for the position that he has been offered.
-John informs Mary that he is willing to accept the offer.
-This position will allow John to break into a career within his field and will also allow him to take the online courses he wanted to take at Capella University.
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