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Henry Hudson

No description

Kristopher Lugtu

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson BY: Kristopher Lugtu Information:I was an anglish explorer. I sailded at the early 17th century. I was an english explorer and navigator. I explored the Hudson River and laid the foundation for Dutch colonization of the region. My final expedition ranged farther north in search of the Northwest Passage, to the Pacific Coast of Asia, leading to my discovery of the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay. After wintering in the James Bay, I tried to press on with my voyage in the spring of 1611, but his crew mutinied and they cast me adrift. 1607 1611 to In 1607, the Muscovy Company of the Kingdom of England hired me to find a northerly route to the Pacific coast of Asia. It was thought at the time that, because the sun shone for three months in the northern latitudes in the summer, the ice would melt and a ship could make it across the top of the world to the Spice Islands. The English were battling the Dutch for Northeast Passage routes. In 1609, I was chosen by the Dutch East India Company to find an easterly passage to Asia. I was told to sail through the Arctic Ocean north of Russia, into the Pacific and so to the Far East. I departed Amsterdam on April 4 in command of the Dutch ship Halve Maen. I could not complete the specified route due to ice like that which had plagued all previous such voyages, and I turned the ship around in mid-May while somewhere east of Norway's North Cape. I pointed the ship west to try to find a passage in that direction. Having heard rumors by way of John Smith of Jamestown and Samuel de Champlain, of a passage to the Pacific, mr and my crew decided to try to seek a westerly passage through North America. The Native Americans, who gave the information to Smith and Champlain, were likely referring to what are known today as the Great Lakes (and which could not be reached by any navigable waterways). In 1610, I managed to get backing for yet another voyage, this time under the English flag. The funding came from the Virginia Company and the British East India Company. At the helm of my new ship, the Discovery, I stayed to the north (some claim he deliberately stayed too far south on his Dutch-funded voyage), reaching Iceland on May 11, the south of Greenland on June 4, and then rounding the southern tip of Greenland. Life and Career Little is known of his early life. I was thought to have spent many years at sea, beginning as a cabin boy and gradually I working my way up to ship's captain Questions? what did you learn the most I henry hudson life?
A: he travels a lot out in the sea.
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