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Mandala project overview for AVID class

Beth Burton

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Mandala

What do you see?
Colors, symmetry, pictures,
symbols, feelings or moods,
overall message
What is a Symbol?
What are some things a circle
can symbolize or represent?
Share with the class
Why might a circle be an appropriate
or effective symbol for displaying other symbols that represent our lives?
Think about a significant day in your life:
Who was there? Where were you?
What was happening? Why is this day important to you?
Think about a few of your favorite locations from throughout your life. Why was each place special and what does each one represent?
Envision the people closest to you/most special to you. Who are they? See their faces. View their actions. What have they done or what do they do that makes them special?
Think about the objects in your life that are most important to you. What are they? Feel yourself holding them. How do they make you feel? Where did you get them? Why are they special?
Think about a difficult time in your life. What was going on? Why were you struggling? Who was there to help you? How did you respond to the challange?
See your life as a journey. What does it look like? a bumpy road, a river...? Where did the journey begin? Where has it led you? Where is it heading? How has the trip been? What part of the journey might be particularly important, maybe a defining moment?
Create a picture or graphic display of your thoughts.
Things important to me
Symbols Representing
What the symbols mean
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