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Read and learn about forms of poetry. Read some of my own poems and read some previously published poems that I have selected and reveiwed as well!

Brenden Gilmore

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Poetry

Poetry Poetry is a form of art that can come in many different forms.
Some are funny, some are meaningfull and filled with emotion. Lets start out with the shortest Haiku Haikus are traditional Japaneese poems that have three lines.
They often describe things in nature.
The first line gives information such as setting,
Second is the line a discovery that comes into play,
Third is the resolution.
Five Seven Five syllable pattern. Here is a haiku I wrote. Wet

The rain falls softly,
a mouse shakes its white fur coat,
warming in a log. Here is a haiku I like. Frog

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond
splash! Silence again.

by Basho Matsou Title
My poem: The title "Wet" makes me think of puddles

Published poem: "Frog" makes me think (coincidentally)
puddles, and also lillypads, green, and flies. Sinquain A sinquain is a five line poem that has
One subject word in the first line,
Two adj. in the second line,
Three verbs in the third line,
A four word sentence expressing your feelings in the fourth,
And a synonym in the fifth line Here is a sinquain that I wrote Hearing Aid
lousy, quiet
listen, hear, repeat
"I can't hear you!!!"
Grandparents Here is a previously published sinquain. Tree
Strong, Tall
Swaying, Swinging, Sighing
[the] Memories of summer

Tree by anonymous Title: not specifically stated but I'll assume its tree
that would make me think of maybe leaves and seasons and
especially summer and warmth.
Paraphrase: a description of somone's tree. I assume the
author was describing a favorite tree, or something like that.
Connotation: There are punctuations between words that give
details about the tree. There is also alliteration. Point of veiw is
indirect and rhyme is not present. The form of course is cinquain.
The tone is slightly longing and collective. After reading this I feel
supported, more confident, and contented.
Attitude: The author's attitude was positive, and seems to favor
the tree.
Shifts: There were no shifts in particular that I noticed.
Title: Now reconsidering the supposed title, I think the title helps
the reader start getting their ideas to introduce the authors'.
Theme: Anything can be special to someone. Limerick A five line poem that is often comical,
It has a rhythm pattern of two unstressed syllables followed
by a stressed syllable
The rhyme scheme is AABBA Here is a limerick I wrote just for you! There once was a teacher so kind
She had such a powerful mind
So I worked really hard
Hope my grades won't be lard
Now I'm farthest from farthest behind! Here is a published poem. Called An Infatuated Man From Dover,
by Anita V Title This poem's title makes me think that the poem might be a love story.
Paraphrase This is about a man whose imaginary girlfriend breaks up with him.
Connotation The form of this poem is Limerick. The rhythm is roughly two unstressed syallables followed by a stressed one. The Point of veiw is third person. The tone is lighthearted and funny, and I feel amused after reading this.
Attitude The author's attitude seems netural but ever so slightly maching.
Shifts There was a shift halfway through the second line and at the last line. Those shifts emphasize comic effect.
Title Now the title introduces the character and setting.
Theme There is no theme unless it has something to do with the fact that if your imaginary girlfriend breaks up with you, you have no shot at life. Concrete poems/ Shape poems This is a special kind of poetry that sort of paints a picture of its self.
It has no specific qualificatons except that it is not a boring block of text Hello, I said and she just stared She turned away. "How are you?" and she glared. I adressed her by name and said loud my thought, and in her eyes I saw her start to plot So then I looked her strait within her eye, "...I *said* hello!" and then she said "GOODBYE!!!" Paraphrase
My poem: A mouse gets wet in the rain and goes
into a hollow log to dry off. My purpose was to
entertain and provide a nice image.

Published poem: There is a quiet pond and a frog
jumps into it. The author's purpose was to
entertain, and maybe to reflect on a past experience. Connotation
My poem: The form is Haiku. There is a little bit of
alliteration although it was not intentional. The
point of veiw is third person omnicient. Punctuation
follows every line. The tone is relaxed, adoring, and
comforting. My mood after reading the poem is warm.

Published poem: The form is Haiku. There is
onomontopia, alliteration, and repetition of words.
The point of veiw seems to be third person omnicient.
The tone is thoughtful, intreaguing, startling, exciting,
and then relieving. Attitude
In both poems the attitude is realitively neutral.
The poems are too short to have a lot of attitude. Shifts
My poem: The shift in my poem takes place in the second
line. It helps bring about the discovery.

Published poem: The shift in the second and third line of
"Frog" help to bring suprise to the short poem. Title
My poem: It helps describe the setting and the character.

Published poem: The title gives the character. Theme
My poem: I was trying to convey that safety can be a home.
Nature balances itself, when one force is negative, there will
be a positive.
Published poem: The author was probably trying to describe
some sort of experience. Things tend to go back to the way
they were even when something happens. Nature restores
itself. An infatuated man from Dover,
Was left by his imaginary lover.
He pulled his hair,
In sheer despair,
forgetting his wig was a cover.

An infatuated man from dover by Anita V The Man in the Hat
Warren Zeblon Gill Alliteration Examples!
T-ree T-all
S(w)-aying S(w)-inging S-ighting S-ummer

Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnin of words within a few words of each other or in a sentence. Onomatopia Example!!!

Onomatopias are sound words that suggest their meaning
like buzz, coo, splash, hack and tweet. Sonnet Free Verse Narrative I'll be teaching you about some of the diffeerent
kinds of poetry and also about some literary devices.
(If you're reading past the extra credit point) Sonnets are 14 line poems. They have a rhyme scheme of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. Shakespear wrote many of these
and they are commonly known as love peoms because love poems were popular during shakespear's time. Sonnet Master by Brenden Gilmore

Are sonnets really all so hard to make?
I mean, this one is coming along well...
As long as you don't think that I'm a fake
This is an orig. I have to tell
Start it out with A and then a B
Then make another B after an A
Do that and then you add C,D,C,D
E,F,E,F,G,G, that is the way.
At school I made one in a real short time
The iambs are a sinch. Don't you think twice
Its not about the rhythm or the rhyme
But if you need I'll give you my advice
Its not about the way you end or start
Just that you write the poem from your heart! Sonnet 1 by shakespear

From fairest creatures we desire increase,
That thereby beauty’s rose might never die.
But as the riper should by time decease,
His tender heir might bear his memory:
But thou, contracted to thine own bright eyes,
Feed'st thy light’s flame with self-substantial fuel,
Making a famine where abundance lies,
Thyself thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel.
Thou that art now the world’s fresh ornament
And only herald to the gaudy spring,
Within thine own bud buriest thy content
And, tender churl, mak'st waste in niggarding.
Pity the world, or else this glutton be,
To eat the world’s due, by the grave and thee Write by Brenden Gilmore

Sitting, staring, waiting
Yes its homework time again,
Worst of all, Its English homework
Which wouldn't be so bad-

You have Writer's Block...
Soooo... Yeah its hard to think of things

You start looking around...
Skitter skat whine hiss
cat chasing the dog...
nothing unusual...

Concentrate on finding a distraction.
Poetry=rhymes= knox in box and box on knox
chicks and bricks and ticks and tocks and clocks
chew blue-y chew goo with slue...
tongue twisters are hard.

That voice is back
the one that comes from someone in specific
a parent.

Hey, do you want a break from your homework?

An intreaguing offer

I've got a fun chore for you!

Not only was my mom lying through her teeth,
She was sweating the lye through every pore in her body!

I declined and continued to stare at my paper.
People a long time ago didn't have to do this
This is no task for a gladiator!
I would rather fight battles than do homework!
Romework! I get to beat up the bully!
Then get an A!
(I totally could now but I would get in trouble if I fought

I stared at the paper, and it stared back at me.

Wait a second...

This homework is due next week,

The other one is due tomorrow!
Well now the teacher can't say i held off till the last minute Assonance Example!
Kn-o-x B-o-x T-o-cks Cl-o-cks
Ch-i-cks Br-i-cks T-i-cks

Repeated vowel sounds within a certain amount
of space or words is assonance. Allusion Examples!
Knox, box, chicks, bricks etc. are words used in the Dr. Suess
book "Fox in Socks" a book of tongue twisters.

Allusion is an innuendo, or reference to another pice of
literature or something in it. Oxymoron Example!
Concentrate on finding a distraction.

An oxymoron is a group of two or more words that have opposite
meanings. Ex.; Oxymoron Oxy=sharp Moron=dull Jumbo Shrimp Irony Example!
The cat chasing the dog

Irony is when something odd, out of place and generally
opposite of the usual takes place, usually having comic effect.
ex.; The hobo heald his nose high as he passed by the
greedy salesman sitting on the ground. Idiom Example!
Lying through her teeth. meaning that the person was lying regardless of what others know

Idioms are phrases that have different meanings than what is written and are not to be taken literally. Hyperbole Example!
Sweating the lye through every pore in her body!

Exaggerating something greatly.
ex. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse! Pun Example!

A pun is a play on words used for comic effect. Personification Example!
And it stared back at me.

Personification is giving inanimate objects human characteristics. Teacher! Haikus, although short, can be very expressive, even when you don't think of how deep you're actually getting without noticing. They have messages hidden within the text. Next time you read a haiku try to really think about it, and you might find a beautiful thought in the simplest looking poem. Herald the Heralder One day, many before we, BORN! was one talented young fellow.
A quiet child, calm and collected, PROUD! although afraid to voice it.
In school, taunted and teased, NO! and them obeying the instructor, he was left alone.
One Day, several years later,
A girl being beaten, frightened from the bully, STOP!!!... Everyone did.
He himself was frightened by his powerful voice.
As he stood, his one word,RANG! still there, hanging in the air.
The other boy, the bully, RAN! as fast as his stumbling legs would go.
For days that was a huge topic of debate.
Gossiping of the boy's other secerets.
He adored the idea of anyone thinking of him.
Word spread, nonetheless, of his word.
Soon everyone within the area, that had not heard him themselves,
He was a smart boy, already smart enough not to be in school.
The people found him.
They begged him to watch for invaders. He accepted.
On the local fort's watchtower, some days later
He decided to climb to the very top, the roof of the tower.
From there he saw them, About an hour away.
He thought for a moment.
His voice boomed across the town.
It echoed.
and echoed
and echoed.
Suddenly, a rush of movement.
Weapons clattered and the sounds of excited soldiers filled the air.
The next day, not a single soldier had been harmed,
nor villager.
... Him
Something still didn't feel right.
Everyone rejoiced. But,
Nobody even noticed that he was
Still on the roof of the tower.
Once the celebration was over,
The young lad managed to get himself down without hurting himself,
Tired of waiting.
He packed up, left town. Unnoticed
Three years later, after the town was robbed by a small band of bandits, the people realized.
Word flew around the town, not there.
Around to neghbouring cities, not there.
Eventually to the king.
He summoned for the young man.
The man learned of the king's want for him.
That want, weather from a lowly hermit, or from the king,
Was favorable to him. So he went.
He was to be the Herald of the King!
He started right away.
Onto the street
His voice bellowed out over the busy marketplace.
Everyone froze to look.
The king stepped forth and everyone cheered.
They, didn't care about him.
The king got all of the attention.
For five years It continued. The same thing. But the Heralder got used to his voice, and speaking.
Then, Once again he packed up and left.
The king realized what had happened the very next day.
He had become good friends with him and was dissapointed that he hadn't thought of it sooner.
The King sent for his Heralder.
Reluctantly, He came back.
He strolled through the town.
Entered the castle from the gate in back.
A messenger told him that he was to go to the front gate.
He got there and saw the king and many other servers.
He ran up and the moment he did the gates opened.
The king shouted, I PRESENT TO, MY HERALD!
The townspeople cheered and the king addressed some of his other workers as well.
Then he turned to the Heralder, and smiled
That was all he needed. Here are some more Haikus I wrote! Melt

White snow comes again,
Fast heat wave melts fluffy snow,
Brenden is so glad! One of my attributes is A.d.d. so yeah... Irrelevance IS completely and utterly nesecery. Baseball!

Baseball nom nom nom,
I can make some two lines rhyme
rhymeitup.com Treehouse

Hidden with the clouds,
Castle high above my head,
Little eyes peer down. The Charmer

The clouds flirt and hoot and howl when they spy the charmer,
the flowers weep and pity their souls for their love is the farmer.
His shoulders back, his chest held high, with pride that could only compare to him.
He walks along a crowded street, one filled with moxie to the brim.
Women sigh a sigh of longing sigh, at his very sight,
Until upon one heartless day there came bloodthirsty night.
For on that day the charmer passed a woman, his delight,
And so the charmer charmed her.(it gave her quite a fright)
Her heart it leapt to sing for only its eternal joy,
And when she left to follow, left was a lonely boy.
To the ground he fell writhing the grass only to coddle
So hastily he made his choice, so rash in his rebuttle.
He wipes away his bitter tears and leers, his distant prey,
Up on his horse, she rears, and then he rides away.
Unaware the charmer walks along a nearby shore,
Women come from all around, come more, and more, and more.
Laying down his blanket for secretly nowhere to stay,
The stars come bright and nod approval as he doth sit and lay.
The ladies one by one start leaving remembering their vows,
Waiting until he is sure there, no one left to browse.
The waves sauntered over, resting on the beach,
Until so ravenously there came a silent screech!
The ocean tearing over, the waves washed his wounded chest,
First washed away the blood, then washed the rest.
For though he knew his mission done, his victim payed the wage,
He knew his love would nere and never forgive his rage.
And now today the ocean still hushing all the lament,
Of the man who was robbed and the one who simply went. I was not sure what to call this next poem so
I just put it here for your to decide,
but I'm leaning twoards narritive. Poems with no specific rhyme or rhythm. An open canvas in some ways. Similar to free verse except this is like a story about someone or something. Title The title gives little information about poem. It almost deadens the poem before you geet a chance to read it.
Paraphrase He is saying that youth can be beautiful but also wretched if not used properly.
Connotation The form is sonnet, there aren't really any repeated words that stand out, there is a little bit of alliteration and assonance, there is some metaphor, the tone is hopeful, and it makes me feel cautious and faithful.
Attitude The author's attitude is hopeful and warning and also passionate.
Shifts The only shift I noticed was at the last line. That was to add drama and to give the final message.
Title My veiw of the title has not changed
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