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Economic Effects of the Civil War

What effects on the economy happened after the civil war

Caleb Oligney

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Economic Effects of the Civil War

Ecnomic Effects of the Civil War After the slaves were free in the south. Farmers and plantation owners had to either pay people to work, or farm for themselves. And because of crop faliure many people had to borrow money to plant. with every season these people would go more into debt. SOUTH Many towns were devastated during the war. Alot of families had no fathers after the war. This is a picture of Charleston, South Carolina. NORTH The war years stimulated new inventions and
production Many things like railroads, machinary, prodcution of pig iron, as well as increase in America commodity output Another thing that helped production during and after the war was mining. Coal was mined and then turned into iron. This made iron cheaper therefore railroads, guns, and iron clad ships were easier to make. Not only were towns destroyed,
homes were burned, cotton gins wrecked, and RR tracks detroyed. Though alot of things that helped the north came from during the civil war. this time was far from good. Many men died the north as well. Not only were houses destryed in the south but also in the north. During the war the confederacy, in order to raise money, they
printed about one billion dollars. This caused drastic inflation.
This caused many nessasary foods to becaome out
of most sotherners price range. This started what
people called the bread riots. The worst riot was the Richmond
Bread Riot on April 2, 1862. More than one thousand women marched
into town, and eventually Jefferson Davis had to bring the army
out to control them. In the north they had things like factories and mass production.
this allowed the north to make more
money than the south.
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