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Apprentice Project

No description

Brittany Bowers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Apprentice Project

Apprentice Project Group Members --
Josh S
Robbie P
Tyler Bristoe Mangers

Lizzy Canada
Shelby Arthurs The teachers and
Powerpoint Dual Credit Program Presentation Power Point Collaboration As a group for collaboration we worked on the project as a group...
not individual... we always new what was going on in the group..
we never had to ask what are you doing.. to a member.. because always knew. I think for a collaboration we did good because we complete the project as a group and had fun while doing it while working
Work Ethic For our work ethic I say we did everything we were asked as a group by Mr. Kinzer.. to help him redesign the dual credit program and make it more interesting for high school.. teachers and many more
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