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Presidential Roles

This Prezi discribes the different roles the president can play during his term

Jasmine Alexander

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Presidential Roles

Once a president is elected he must fill a number
of different roles 1) Cheif of State- this role requires the president to be the
head of the United States, or the symbol of the people in the United
States. 2) Chief Executive- This role is given to the president by the Constitution
and is immensely broad in both domestic and foreign affairs. This does not
mean that he is ALL POWERFUL. Presidents have checks and balances and
other limits on what he can and cannot do. 3) Chief Administrator- This role means that the President is
the director of the exectutive branch of the Federal Government. This is a full time job because the Executive Branch employs more than 2.7 million citizens and spends about $2.5 trillion dollars a year. He basically has to spend his time "flattering, kissing, and kicking people to get them to do what they were supposed to be doing" as said by Harry Truman. 4) Chief Diplomat- Meaning the main architect of American foreign policy and the nation's chief spokesman to the rest of the world. 5) Commander in Chief- Meaning that he is in charge of the United States armed forces, as given to him by the Constitution. 6) Chief Legislator- Meaning the president is the main architect of its public policy. It is mostly the Presidents job to set the overall shape of the congressional agenda. As chief legislator he can initiate, suggest, insist, request, and demand that congres enact mush of its major legislation. 7) Chief of Party- Means that he is the acknowledged leader of the Political party that controls the exectutive branch and is virtually unchallengable in that role. Chief Citizen- This means that the president is expected to be
the representative of all the people. He is also expected to work
for and represent the public interest against the many different and competing private interests.
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