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No description

Abigail Wolcott

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Cimorelli!!!!!!

Cimorelli is a band made of 6 sisters. They sing a lot of covers on You-Tube. They also write songs, write paradies, do funny skits, and tutorials. They are very silly, as you can see in thier bloopers. (there posted mess ups)
The Members
The Members of the band are;
And, yes, they are full sisters, not half
Christina Cimorell is the oldest sister in the cimorelli family. She is 23. Her full name is Christina Lynne Cimorelli. Her B-day is Augast,12, 1990. She likes to sew and Babysit. She has a pet turtle and wants to have 8 kids someday.
Katherine Cimorelli
Katherine's full name is
Katherine Ann Cimorelli. She is 5'9, the tallest of all the sisters. She is 23. Her B-day is March 4,1992. Katherine loves to write poetry. She is very religious and clumsy. She is scared of spiders.
Lisa Cimorelli
Lisa Michelle Cimorelli is 20 and her birthday is September 19, 1993. She is the third oldest sister and the fourth oldest in the family. She doesn't like tomatoes and coffee. She likes fashion and riding horses and has Scoliosis.
Amy Cimorelli
Amy is 20. She was born on July 1, 1995. Her full name is Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli. She is 4'10, the shortest of the sisters. She has mild Turners Syndrom, which is why she is so short. She wants to be a kindergarden teacher because she'd be taller than the kids. She likes to clean and ride horses and can't do anything quietly.
Lauren Cimorelli
Lauren's full name is Lauren Christine
Cimorelli. She is 15. Her birthday is Augast 12, 1998,the same as Christina. That's why her middle name is Christine. Lauren cries easily, she's shy, she loves one direction, and is scared of spiders. She is also on Team Jacob in the Twilight Saga.
Dani Cimorelli
Dani Cimorelli is the youngest
of the sisters. Her B-day is June 15, 2000.She is 14. Her full name is Danielle Nicole Cimorelli. She is left handed, likes to shop at Target and Forever 21, is afraid of heights, and her favorite colors are pink, orange, and yellow.
A cover
A parody
This Parody is with Matty B
A skit
The Cimorelli Family
Mike: Oldest
Alex:6'th oldest
Chris:3rd youngest
Nick:2cnd youngest
Lynne and Micheal Cimorelli are the parents.
This song is "problem" by Ariana Grande
Only Lauren and Dani are in this skit.
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