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Punishments of 16th Century England

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Erika Hinchman

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Punishments of 16th Century England

Punishments of 16th Century England
School Children's Punishments
Children were treated harshly in school. For example: boys were hit on their bare bottom with a stick that had birch twigs attached.
Minor Punishments
People could be fined for not going to church. The punishment for minor crimes like telling lies or rowdy behavior were to go to the stocks or to be shamed in public.
Treason was the crime of plotting against the king or queen.This was almost always dealt with by a death penalty. Aristocratic prisoners accused of treason were beheaded instead of being hung, this was considered a privilege.
The criminal had to pay for prison. Prison was not a punishment but a place to wait for punishment. The most common prison was the Tower of London.
Method of Executions
The most honorable way of being executed was by the sword. The least honorable was by being hung. And the quickest was by having you limbs broken by a heavy cartwheel.
Forms of Punishment
Chained to river bank to drown
Boiled to death
Eyes pulled out with hot fingers
Hands cut off

By: Erika Hinchman, Maureen McClatchy, and Leanna Howard
This is a photo of a guilty man being punished by pillory. You can see people mocking him.
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