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Trade in ancient China

No description

Bella Anderson

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Trade in ancient China

Trade In Ancient China What is the Silk Road? The Silk Road is a route that connected China to the Middle East and Europe. Lots of goods traveled along the Silk Road to other places to trade things like medicines, silk, pottery, paper, gunpowder, gold, grapes rugs and much more. The Silk road is not just one road it is a series of routes. The silk road has significantly impacted not only ancient China but the way China's trade system is run today. It has allowed China to contact important civilizations such as India and Europe. Trade is the process of which people sell and buy products. The person buying the product would pay a certain amount of money to the seller. What Is Trade By Klea, Bella and Sowmya Ancient China's main way of trade was from the silk road. ? Introducing the Silk Road Since 138BC China has had a significant and clever way to trade with other countries that is still used today. The Silk Road has significantly impacted not only ancient China but the way China's trade system is run today. It has allowed China to contact important civilizations such as India and Europe What did China Trade? China grew a plant that silk worms loved to eat. Therefore, they were able to trade silk with many other civilizations. China was able to trade with India, West Asia, the Mediterranean and Europe for their wonderful silk. China was also able to trade jade, porcelain, ivory, and other riches. Before the Silk Road was built in 138BCE, China only traded internally. It was only until the Silk Road was made in 138BCE that China was able to trade internationally. What was the impact of Marco Polo? Marco Polo was an Italian man, who traveled to China in the late 1200's with his uncle and father. Marco made connections with a man named Kublai Khan, who gave him a position of authority. With this authority, Marco had the opportunity to travel around China and see wonderful things like the advanced technology China had compared to Europe. When Marco returned to Europe, 17 years later, he told of what he saw. Unfortunately no one believed him. Marco still wrote his findings down. He was significant to trade in China because he was the first European to travel to China's capital and opened up China to Europe. This allowed China and Europe to trade with one another as they had never had a way to communicate with each other. He was also significant because he had completed the greatest journey of that time in distance and in time. What did the Merchants do? A merchant is someone who trades items. Merchants used the Silk Road a lot. They would go on camels with their items (silk, ivory etc) and head on a route to Central Asia. This is how the Silk Road became. This route that the merchants traveled on was later known as the Silk Road. Inns were built along the Silk Road so that the merchants and their camels could rest. They traveled a long way, into different countries to trade their items. It was worth it in the end financially Trade has significantly impacted China in many ways. The silk Road has helped connect China to other countries allowing them to trade with them. China's economy has also improved thanks to trade but so have other countries that have traded with China. The silk Road was also a way for the Chinese to buy new goods and create new ideas Thanks for watching
and we hope you enjoyed How was the Silk Road Created? The Silk Road grew bigger and bigger over time. It began in the Han dynasty (206-220BCE.) The Chinese used to trade internally and within the empire caravans. These caravans would often go under attack by tribes so the Han dynasty moved towards Central Asia. Merchants would travel upon a specific route to trade in Central Asia. This route later became known as The Silk Road.
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