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Provisional Restorations

No description

Mercedes Porter

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Provisional Restorations

Mercedes Porter DDS
Provisional Restorations
Learning Objectives
Understand the functions of a provisional restoration
Learn the difference between the direct and indirect techniques for fabrication of provisional restorations
Learn the laboratory procedural steps to fabricate a provisional restoration
Understand how to evaluate a finished provisional restoration
Provisional Restoration

A fixed removable prosthesis that is designed to serve a function for a limited period of time
An interim restoration that is used to replace tooth structure while a permanent prosthesis is being fabricated
Functions of a provisional restoration
Mechanical Functions
Positional stability and Space maintenance
Occlusal contact with opposing teeth
Proximal contact with adjacent teeth
Prevents supra erupting or drifting
Periodontal maintenance
Surfaces are smooth, not porous
Margins are well-adapted to preparation margins
Strength and retention
Restoration must be thick enough to resist breakage during function
No voids or bubbles in the surface of the restoration that could compromise durability
Biological functions
Pulpal Protection
Protect pulp from mechanical, chemical and thermal stimuli
Esthetic functions
Must resemble natural dentition
Especially anterior teeth and premolars
Questions about the functions of provisional restorations?
What is a provisional restoration?

Why do we need to place a provisional restoration?
Direct Technique
Indirect Technique
Provisional restoration is fabricated entirely chair-side on patient's prepared tooth
No need to take alginate impression and make model
Technique sensitive
Provisional fabrication is initiated using stone model and vacuum-formed matrix then relined on the patient's prepared tooth
May decrease chair-side time with multi-unit restorations
Good adaptation to tooth preparation due to reline
Requires additional lab time to make model and vacuum-formed matrix
Fabrication of provisional restoration using direct technique
Step 2: Fabricate silicone putty matrix of the unprepared tooth
Impress material onto tooth and adjacent teeth
Remove putty once it has set and trim so that it includes only three teeth
Step 3: Replace unprepared tooth with tooth that has been prepared for full-coverage restoration
Mount typodont into simulated patient
Prepare armamentarium: mirror, explorer, handpieces, provisional evaluation sheet
Step 1: Set up typodont by replacing the tooth that is being restored with an unprepared tooth
Protemp Provisional Material
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