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lilly Luba

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Afgainstan


Food and diet
each religion and culture has different types of music
most music is played in festivals of that culture
music was recognize in the 1860s
music became more popular in the 1950s
the most important part of Afghan music is the instrumental part
there are many instruments known to afghans like rubab, daria, and tula.
.They only wear two garments
.they wore a vary baggy pants and a shirt that goes past the length of your knees.
.some of the men wear capes
.the capes were made of Karakul skin.
.the men wore vests when it was cold outside.

.Main foods are nan, vegetables,
fruit,nuts and meat.
.Some things are forbidden such as alcohol and pork.
.They have special foods for special days such as salamander and haft-mehwah.
.rice is served with every dish even soup. Their favorite dish is called plov.
Afghanistan culture

By:Emily,Lilly Logan and Ella
.In 2002 Afghanistan had the lowest life expectancy in world.
. Most people did not have health care.
.Afghanistan has the worst health care in the world.
.one in ten children will die before the age of five.
.there are about 396 deaths per every 100,000 births.
.Afghanistan is one of the worst places to have a baby.

rice with carrots & raisins
A girl in a shalwar kameez.
This is a sorna one of many instruments in Afghanistan.
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