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Stats 3.4 Overview

Simultaneous Equations Linear Programming Numerical Methods

Jill Hinds

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Stats 3.4 Overview

3.4 Equations Simultaneous Equations Linear Programming Numerical Methods 3
Variables Represent Planes UNIQUE Solution Single point
of Intersection MULTIPLE solutions Intersection may be
a line Intersection may be
a plane Graph 2-dimensional Feasible Region Shade OUT Optimising equation Intersections Substitute Maximise Profit Minimise materials Minimise Cost Best use of time ax + by = c y = mx + c Intersections Polygon Record ALL corners Check - whole numbers? WITHIN feasible region Trivial solutions Coordinates Representation - which is which? Test ALL pairs Justify your choice Bisection Finding Roots Finding x-Intercepts = Newton-Raphson Two starting values y = + ? or y = - ? Test the middle of the values Bracket the root Slow but sure One starting value Uses the gradient of the tangent Quick, but not always reliable Three PAIRS of columns Four columns _________________________________ No Solution Planes may be
parallel PAIRS of planes may
intersect ___________________________
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